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  1. Went this past Sunday... Don, would you believe there was about a ~10 minute wait to ride it? Looked like there were about 40 people waiting in line at about 5:30pm! (Told you it gets "busy" on weekends. )
  2. Definitely one of my favs! I just played it the other day in fact! Awesome game! (The subsquent versions have been c.ra.p!) I like all kinds of video games. Atari ones in particular. Games today are rather flash-in-the-pan. Once you play it, you probably won't play it again. Or at least you probably won't be playing it 5 years later. The classics (Asteroids, Missile Command, Spy Hunter, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, etc.) will never go away. But there is one game that truly stands out and will always be playable. Tetris That's the game I'd hope to have if I was ever stranded on a deserted island!
  3. Yes, it was pretty sucky for us Polk County folk. Shoot, you know it's bad when a roller coaster gets named for that crisis! (CG's Triple Hurricane of course.) But I got a free generator and a free roof out of the deal. Anyway, tropical storms don't scare me anymore. Shoot, even a Cat 3 hurricane wouldn't scare me now! The Cat 4's and especially Cat 5's are the ones to worry about.
  4. It definitely could use more spinning at the top. Sitting still is what makes for a rough ride! I guess it's safer though. It might be bad if it went down the hills sideways... :?
  5. Agreed. It sucks.... Unfortunately, PHPBB is probably the most hacked message board out there.
  6. Galaxy Spin photos and videos now available! And check out the new arcade area and new Splash Island photos too. Kent says the wave pool will be done next week. :shock: (Plus I got the meet him, which was awesome!)
  7. Nice TR, Don! Did Alex go on the Inverter too? Just added today's photos on my site. In addition to the entire opening ceremony, I happened upon the Bay News 9 story and captured it too. I go sleep now...
  8. There's no stomach restraint with Galaxy Spin. It's a lapbar. But the first round of "back 'n' Forths" are pretty rough because the car isn't spinning yet. The second round is actually fun. BTW, added my Opening Video to my site. You can see the entire ride path.
  9. Whew... Just got back from the event. Photos and video of the "ribbon cutting" will be forthcoming. I just need to de-burn for awhile! Buescher is the man! Had a great time with you guys, Don! Hope you got to see the Ski Show, Banyan Tree, and the Island in the Sky. Me and "da man!" (I take the world's worst photos though. )
  10. I am going! What are you guys going to be wearing? I'm going to get some more photos (and video) for my site! I'll probably be wearing my red St. Louis Cardinals shirt. Here's a photo of me wearing said shirt with my son. (He won't be coming though.) Just come up and say "hi!" The name is Greg.
  11. Morgan looks like the hottest chick on Survivor this time. Although strangely enough, she looks a lot like Amy Poehler from SNL...
  12. Go Cardinals! Still leading the division and are the best team in the league (#2 overall) despite having 4 crucial starters on the DL. Chris Carpenter should get the Cy Young and Albert Pujols should get the MVP.
  13. So... Sept. 4 10:30 at CG? I probably won't be able to get there until about 1pm. So maybe we can have an in-park meeting spot? And knowing what everyone is wearing/looks like would be a good thing too.
  14. Well, since this is the Galaxy Spin thread, I see it's going to open this Wednesday. Maybe I'll go to the ribbon cutting. http://cypressgardens.com/press.asp
  15. Met a few celebs when I worked as an extra on SeaQuest & Family Matters. Roy Scheider, Ted Raimi, Peter Deluise, Marco Sanchez, Ed Kerr, etc. I talked to Jaleel White (Urkel) at the wrap party for Family Matters when they filmed at Disney. I also met George Lucas one day at Disney-MGM when I was working there. Oh yeah, and I met Temurra Morrison (Jango Fett) at Disney-MGM a few years back. Sports figures... Pat Borders (World Series MVP, 1992) and I both went to Lake Wales (FL) high school. I had classes with some of his siblings, but he was gone long before I got there. (He's about 7 years older than me.) He still lives around here and one night I played softball with him, which was really cool. Playing the game with a WS MVP! :shock: He also got me out of a speeding ticket once. The Orlando cop saw I was from Lake Wales and asked about Borders. I told him we went to H.S. together and the cop let me off. (I see he was just released by the Mariners. I guess he's going to retire.) I'm a big Cardinals fan, so I've mostly met Cards players (and none of the big stars either.) Tony LaRussa signed a baseball for me his first year as Cards manager, John Mabry signed my program (after I yelled out to him, "You're my favorite Cardinal!"), & Kerry Robinson. I almost got JD Drew's autograph, but he refused to sign for me but got all the kids around me. I've been trying to get Pujols & Edmonds autograph for years at Spring Training. But they're elusive guys. Although I understand David Eckstein signs a lot of autographs.
  16. Starliners final resting place Don't worry, it's good news. Revamped my CG website with more photos and they finally released a new GOOD map!
  17. I asked a couple of employees today and the Starliner is going in in that field behind Star Haven Park. I saw some guys dismandling the Wild West Show and the area is all torn up. So, looks like we won't have a lakeside coaster after all. Oh well. It makes more sense to have it in the main rides area anyway. I got several new photos, revamped the website, and put up the NEW PARK MAP!
  18. Lake Wales High School (Florida), 1989. --Greg "thread killer" George
  19. Galaxy Spin wasn't open last Friday, but the water park *is* open. The double slide complex should be open this weekend. Here's a couple of links: http://www.winterhavenfl.com/newsletter/Cypressgardens/SplashIsland.htm http://polkonline.com/stories/073005/communitynews_splashing.shtml
  20. I'm always up for a trip to CG. I go every other week or so to snap more photos.
  21. Coolness. I'll probably go again tomorrow and Sunday. BTW, Here's a cool idea. Although I'd wager CG isn't the first to do it. 8)
  22. Here's mine. I got this L-shaped desk a few years back. Boy, was it an improvement over what I had before! (I had one of those kiddie desks that everyone had in the 80s-90s. They were as popular as Member's Only jackets.) Anyway, I'm obesessive about not seeing a rat's nest of cables. So, 95% of them are hidden away behind that column. I even installed cable runners along the back to keep them from dangling below. (You can see 3 cables in the photo, but believe me, there are about 100 more behind there!) There's my little webserver on the bottom right. The OSI protocols taped to the wall, and TWO copies of the Three's Company book.
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