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  1. Pretty sure football will win this poll. Even though I can't stand to watch it unless it's the Super Bowl. Baseball has always been my sport of choice to watch. Tennis to play. Go Cardinals!
  2. My friend code: 327 689 193 051 Man, I need to get into a game with you guys. I hate to toot my own horn, but I've been practically unbeatable. I'm 7 for 8 in Wi-Fi standard 2 player, and 25 for 29 in Wi-Fi Push mode. Haven't played the 4-player yet. I think Tetris is the game I was destined to excel at.
  3. When I worked for Disney, they put me through orientation (had to drive the "deadly" Reams road for a week!) And one of the first things they talk about is that EPCOT is the entire composition of the property. The EPCOT Theme Park is actually at the approximate "center" of that property. (Which is why it is called EPCOT Center.) About the only thing it doesn't have is a public airport. But it does have schools, a fire department, police, housing, shopping, transportation services, movie theatres, and practically everything else a city needs.
  4. I saw it at Wally World today. I'll probably go back and get it soon, but I hate having to drag a sales person over to open the case. :-/
  5. That whole "Project Gemini" smacks of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea debacle. Engineers & maintenance people conspire to get the attraction demolished because they're tired of doing their job. So the EPCOT people are tired of keeping the place "futuristic." Lazy SOBs. That's what you're hired to do. Now do it! Thankfully, the $500 million it would cost to change it is a serious impediment from it ever happening. But don't think they won't keep trying. Eventually, they may win out if they can convice the higher ups that "this attraction costs too much to maintain. Let's demolish it and put in a bunch of trees!" Some of the ideas sound okay, but c'mon... Discoveryland? Thrill rides? Don't we have enough parks with thrill rides? Is there no room in the world for a park like EPCOT? Why not just take the $500 million and build another park? And what's going on with Wonders of Life? I'm gonna be miffed if they demolish that one.
  6. This is the reason I like 'Sugar, We're Going Down." Albert Pujols rocked Houston's world that night.
  7. Just heard on the radio. It's official... The parents are suing. :-/
  8. ^^ Yeah, because we all know the Triple Hurricane is a "death machine." :-/
  9. ^^ I'm sure he'll try. But there were witnesses that said he stood up. So, it'll be tough to convince a judge that it was CG's neglegence. Especially since there is "DO NOT STAND" message on every car. (Then again, the kid is probably spanish and can't read english...) :-/
  10. According to NewsChannel 8 in Tampa, the boy was dared to stand up by his "friends." I have a video of the news story on my site. If it doesn't work, then my little webserver is overloaded... :-/ Edit: BTW, the coaster is back up and running, so no worries there folks.
  11. I just met Joyce DeWitt & Priscilla Barnes a few weeks ago. I'm a huge Three's Company fan, so it was very exciting for me!
  12. Jeez, I can't believe anyone would waste their time with anything but Adobe Premiere. Everything else is utter crap.
  13. It wasn't barricaded off to the extent it is now. It used to be you could touch it pretty easily. I'm breathing on it...
  14. Wow, they barricaded off the DeLorean? Huh... I guess too many people were touching it and messing it up. Not like natural elements can do that...
  15. Heh, you won't be woohoo-ing when you watch him give up 5 runs in the first inning like he's done the past couple of years for the Cards! Most of 2004 he was awful and wild and NOT reliable. The first 1/2 of 2005 he was solid as a rock, but reverted to 2004 levels the second 1/2. He was once a great pitcher, but ever since Darryl Kile died, he's not been the same. :?
  16. Dunno, I prefer the Hurricane and the Banyan Tree over the spinning rapids ride (where you hardly even get wet, but will get sick.) The train set is unquestioningly cool though.
  17. Right. I think bringing in the Starliner will help with that. I understand (from what Beucher has said) that more coasters are on the way. Funny thing is .... a lot of people used to! Of course, this is also when Disney had one park and Gatorland was considered a destination. Yeah, you answered your own statement. 70 years ago, CG was the only game in state, so people from all over would visit. Now, it's been supplanted by the larger mass-marketed-get-'em-in-get-'em-out thrill parks. CG didn't adapt as it should have and became stagnant. It will take a few years for them to catch up, but there's no question that the direction they are going is the right one (and frankly the only one.)
  18. That includes Orlando and Tampa and the surrounding areas. Do you really expect people from farther away to make a special trip just for CG? The concerts are certainly a huge draw for some, but not me. I remember hearing about the concert organizer being stressed because she felt the concerts would be a critical component of the park. I laughed at that thinking "You think the concerts are going to be all that important? Bwahahah!" Boy, was I wrong about that! As for the "packing a lunch," my wife and I don't do that. But we're usually not at CG long enough (2-3 hours at a time) to warrant being hungry. People aren't allowed to bring food inside the park, but there are about 10 picnic benches in the parking lot. Maybe they should take them out?
  19. I've seen many of the Orlando shows mentioned... I'm not sure if it's the "best" but my favorite has always been Epic (or the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" for those who were never a Disney Cast Member.) The show is virtually unchanged since it originally opened (89? 90? Somewhere around there.)
  20. That's "Tengen." It was the home division of Atari Games.
  21. LOL, I always find it amusing how the "Top 10 games of all time" is 99% based on a person's age. It's as if there were no games ever created before that person was born. My Top 10... 1. Tetris - Arguably the best, most accessable game of all time. 2. Pac-Man 3. Space Invaders 4. Galaga 5. Asteroids 6. Doom 7. Half-Life series 8. The Sims series 9. EverQuest 10. Star Raiders Some extras I don't want to leave out: Dungeon Master - Wouldn't have the FPS quest games without it. Centipede - What would girls of the 80's have played otherwise? Warlords - Mastered the art of the 4-player game. Tempest 2000 - Still one of the best, even if it is on the Jaguar. GTA3, Vice City, GTA:SA - I just love tearing up the town! And of course Pong because it started it all.
  22. CG can get especially busy on concert days or if a celeb is visiting. Don't believe me? Dec. 24 is a Saturday, and there is no scheduled concert, so it probably won't be too busy for you. And you can ride the rides in an hour, but see everything in the entire park? I don't think so.
  23. LOL, when something says it's not a scam, then it is.
  24. Phbbtt... You only have to upgrade your video card about as often as you have to upgrade your console. About every 3-5 years.
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