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  1. So... Any bets as to who'll win the WS now? Did you see this article by SI that ripped Garner a new one? What a piece of work he is.
  2. Speaking of other bands and stuff... I was never in one, since I'm not at all musically inclined, but a close friend of mine was the drummer in a band called "Home Style" and he said they were the opening act for the band called "Sister Hazel." (Some of you may know S.H.) Oddly enough, there's a track on their CD called "Marianne" which is the name of my wife (same spelling too.) This was a total coincidence. I don't think the band is even doing anything anymore and Jason is now selling stuff on Ebay... :?
  3. You might know I'd wish you luck.
  4. Here's a pretty good review of Phobia... Still haven't been to it myself, even though I live just 5 minutes away. But I was thinking about the name... PHOBIA... shouldn't it be more themed toward scaring people with Phobias than just having your typical haunted houses and guys running around in scary masks? They should have had an "Arachnophobia" house with lots of live spiders crawling around and an "Fear of Snakes" house with plenty of snakes. They could also make use of other common phobias like claustrophobia, acrophobia (fear of heights, Island in the Sky anyone?), hydrophobia, hemaphobia (fear of blood/bleeding), phonemophobia (fear of thinking ), or any other type of phobia that would work. Maybe next year... 8)
  5. They didn't really go into detail, so I'm guess that means there wasn't very much. Looks like mostly superficial type stuff (garbage cans knocked over and such) and some possible water damage. Funny how the Animal Kingdom shot shows one of the lanes open. Gee, it'd suck to be a Disney employee and have to work in a frickin hurricane!
  6. They're talking about it on Fox News right now. It's probably not that bad... At 4am there was a tornado warning near me in Winter Haven. They said it was moving towards "Cypress Gardens airport." Not sure what airport they're talking about. CG doesn't have one of it's own. Hopefully CG didn't sustain anymore damage. Animal Kingdom. Universal. People running in the rain.
  7. I've had that happen to me a couple of times (using Mozilla.) I was able to restore everything each time. (There's this one file you have to delete and it all works again.)
  8. Yup! Go Sox! It's time for the next "curse" to be lifted! Bwaahahahaha!!
  9. My first car was a manual speed. Then the next couple of cars after that were manual too. After nearly 15 years of driving a stick, I got tired of it and bought an automatic.
  10. THAT was a true home run by Pujols. Not some girly-man slap like Berkman's.
  11. They sure are. I haven't seen a choke job this bad since... Well, last years World Series! Edmonds is the key to the Astros winning though. He's had a ton of RBI chances to put the Cards up and he's blown it every time.
  12. This just in: ESPN and FOX are under a suicide watch! No Red Sox & no Yankees in the playoffs or World Series! Screen cap of ESPN after the Yankees loss!
  13. I feel bad for ESPN... What are they going to talk about without the Red Sox? Oh yeah... The Yankees are still in it...
  14. Padres had no chance against the mighty Cardinals. It's like David vs. Goliath except David forgot his slingshot...
  15. I had to laugh when Locke said, "We're going to have to watch that again." It's exactly what I was thinking. Oh, and a couple of things: Everyone knows what Walt was saying when he appeared to whats-her-name, right? If played backwards, he says, "Press the button. The button is bad." Then the third episode is all about pushing that EXECUTE button. "The button is bad." Also, playing the numbers game... Hurley's numbers add up to 108. Which was in the murial (along with a polar bear I think). 108 is the number of minutes they have to enter in the code. This show is so facinatingly intricate! :shock:
  16. Tonight the Braves fans were dressed up as seats.
  17. Hey, it's only another 85 years until their next championship.
  18. LOL! Yes, and this is the second year of his two year contract with the Cards! Previously he had like five 1-year contracts in a row from different teams!
  19. The first guy lost all credence when he wrote this: I hate Jeff Foxworthy and I guarantee I have better manners than this clod.
  20. You're not another out-of-hand CG basher are you? I probably need to go just to see what's going on. Obviously, it's not going to be on par with what's at the major attractions. But I never found them to be all that great either. I saw them putting up some of the attractions a few days ago. There was a haunted house inside the upcoming Reptile House over in Natures Way. A "Funhouse" looking thing over where the Wild West show used to be (with the WW show having been moved down just slightly). And another spook house over near Splash Island. These were simply walled-in tents, but I didn't get to see what was inside. Here's the photos plus some other recent CG updates. I think I'll take my 2 year old there for Trick-or-Treating. I understand the stores will be giving out candy and it's GOT to be more interesting than T-o-Ting around my neighborhood (plus it'll give me a reason to turn off the lights and go out rather than be bothered with 100s of ungrateful kids demanding candy.)
  21. Oh yeah! I have a review of that game on my website. It's Kool-Aid Man.
  22. That's the same deal the Cards had to go through a few years back. (I believe the Cards-Astros were the first teams to tie since this wild card thing got started.) Anyway, they gave the division to the Astros. Cards claimed they were "Co-Champions" but at this point, who cares? Just be happy to be in the playoffs!
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