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  1. Here's my rides video sung to the tune of 'Crazy' by one of the park entertainers. Hope you like it.
  2. As you can see from this video I took on Saturday May 28, they gotta lotta work to do! (Should play in Quicktime.) Splash Island construction video. I'll hopefully have a longer better tour of the park soon. Gotta edit 40 minutes down to something manageable!
  3. I know virtually nothing about Vekoma, but that particular attraction as been around since 1980-something, when it was called the "Island in the Sky." Are you sure it's Vekoma?
  4. Cool, cool, cool! I'm (hopefully) going again today armed with a video camera this time. We'll see what kind of video I can grab.
  5. Ah, okay. Well, if you wait a few weeks (hopefully) Galaxy Spin will be open at CG and you can mark off two more coasters by re-visiting CG.
  6. Have you been on the other CG coasters? If so, why'd you miss Swamp Thing?
  7. The latest CG press release is about the reopening of Nature's Way animal area. At the end it mentions the Galaxy Spin as the next coaster, with no mention of the Starliner. Maybe they just haven't decided yet.
  8. Episode III is called "Revenge of the Sith," not "Attack of the Clones."
  9. Exactly. That's the only one that will last. That Lime Coke is putrid. I imagine the others will be forgotten almost as soon as they're introduced too. Remember Vanilla Coke? LOL.
  10. Just added some new photos. Lots of ride shots, a couple of videos, and a TV commercial (that I luckily grabbed when I fired up my WinTV application yesterday!) Check 'em out here.
  11. St. Louis Cardinals. That's basically it. I liked the Bulls when they had Jordan, the Celtics when they had Bird, and the Dolphins when they had Marino. But after that, meh...
  12. I'm elated the place is doing so well. I hope it can last over the coming years!
  13. Man, I can't stand Queasy... Er... Gwazi. That thing sent me straight to the chiropractor!
  14. Hmm... Starliner + Galaxy Spin = Space Themed area would have made sense. Oh well. My location guess for the Galaxy Spin is pretty close. I'll keep an eye out in that area. So far nothing. Definitely. Although I find it funny how some people can't grasp the concept of a "Work in progress." Frankly, I love to see a new improvement every time I go. "Hey, they changed this, or added that!" Can't wait for it! I've never been on one of those before. I tried going on the one at Wild Adventures last month, but it was closed. I'll be going to CG again probably next week and I'll post some new photos. Hopefully some construction ones!
  15. Yikes. That guy is going to end up on either America's Funniest Home Videos or America's Stupidist People.
  16. Wow, that's going to be a tight fit, I think. Especially considering the train tracks are right around there too.
  17. I think you're confusing EPCOT with "EPCOT Center" (I learned this at Disney orientation when I worked there back in 1990.) The park itself is really called "EPCOT Center" because it is roughly at the "center" of the property. The entire property is the "Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow" because it has parks, hotels, living areas, shopping, etc. That is what Walt dreamt of. (And really, Celebration is more like what Walt wanted than anything else.) I don't dispute that Walt is spinning in his grave though. Too much of a good thing, and all of that.
  18. There's sometimes a line to ride the coasters... Although I've never had to wait more that 2 runs to ride one. Some of the outdoor food stands can get crazy crowded if you time it wrong. Shoot, I haven't see squat. Looks like to me they're focusing all their energy on the water park. My guess is the mouse is going in across from the Okeechobee Rampage. The fence to the left of this shot is all covered up. I'm guessing that's where the mouse will go. But I have no idea... As for the Starliner... I hope it does come to CG, but it looks like a very LONG coaster. I don't know where they could put it since CG looks short on real estate. Just look at the map and see what I mean.
  19. Cool, thanks for taking a look at it. If at least one person looks at it, it won't have been a waste of time for me. Yeah, they've done a good job of blending the old with the new. You can barely even tell there's new stuff if you're walking around the old park. That should make the seniors happy. I saw some figures and added them up... I'm estimating the park has made about $13 million on attendance alone. That will go a long way towards the $45-50 Beuschler paid to buy & update it. I read his estimate was 1 1/2 year until profitability. That could be cut to 1 year. I can't wait for the water park too. That's gonna be a lot of fun, especially since I don't have a pool. I did overhear some snotty punk kids complaining that there weren't enough animals. Um... It only just opened this past week! Yes, Buescher bought the paddle boat last month it'll take awhile to get going though. Here's the story (copied for your convenience since you do have to register at polkonline.com.) http://www.polkonline.com/stories/040305/communitynews_breeze.shtml I'm guessing they're going to use it to ferry people back 'n' forth to the water park since it'll be a long slog otherwise. (Unless they add another parking lot closer to it, which I doubt they'll do.) Pretty sure this will be the loading dock (sorry if the image gets broken):
  20. I worked at Disney-MGM back in '89-90 at the Soundstage resturant and on the food wagons. This was before Rockin' Roller coaster, Tower of Terror, right when Star Tours opened. Two of my close friends have worked there for about 10 years. One of them quit about a year ago, and the other works (I think) at Blizzard Beach in the HR (aka Personel) department.
  21. CG is a nice and lazy park with some fun rides. Nothing super spectacular, but fun nontheless. (I personally am not big on the stomach-wrenching rides anyway.) Frankly, it's about 1000x more interesting than the old park that had NO RIDES at all. So, complaints about the current park are silly when you consider what was there before. I live in Winter Haven about 5 minutes from the park and have an annual pass. I plan to go regularly and take photos. I love to see the progression and the updates to it. Here's some photos I've put together from my solo visit this past Saturday. I eventually plan to have photos of every ride, attraction, and shop at the park. Why? I like histotorical places and such. Besides, it's fun walking around taking photos of everything and having the guests look at you funny.
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