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  1. Pretty much every word looks strange if you stare at it long enough. Take "picnic" for example...
  2. Heehee... Nope. It's EXTREMELY addicting though! (You can find it in MAME.) Yours is One on One, looks like for the Apple!
  3. No guesses huh? Here's your hint: It was the only game made by Scatologic. (Look 'em up!)
  4. Erm... It's right there in the screenshot. Iron Soldier for the Atari Jaguar. I love that game. No way you'll get this one.
  5. Domino Man. The R-Type game looks like R-Type III maybe. It's definitely not the first one though.
  6. Viewpoint. Not sure what system though. Neo Geo?
  7. Twinkle Star Sprites. Jeez... Who's ever heard of that game?!
  8. Ice Climber. (Never even played it, but I know...)
  9. Speaking of Adventure... Here's my Quake 3 map.
  10. I only use Premiere. Pretty much everything else sucks.
  11. I didn't see any new Starliner construction on my most recent trip. Although there was a nice big tent out in the field where the Starliner is reportedly going. It's all paved with concrete and everything. Maybe it's for one of these Kidzpalooza things, although I was expecting it to be the new location for the kiddie rides. We'll see... Hopefully soon!
  12. Ok, I went today and grabbed some photos of the wave pool. I also updated my Splash Island video with some video of the wave pool area. Check it out! Now that the wave pool is done, SI looks virtually complete. There's hardly any of those ugly fences with the cloth coverings. It looks so much nicer without those.
  13. I generally don't ride the mega-coasters anymore (too many neck and stomach injuries) but I used to be scared to death of Space Mountain! When I worked at Disney World in '89-90 there were always rumors of someone being decapitated on it and I was sure when I rode it I could feel the girders whizz over my head! It's been so long, I can't even remember the last time I rode it. :?
  14. I don't understand how/why the city was built in the first place. Who's bright idea was it to build a city below sea level anyway?
  15. This is amazing. I thought Ivan was a tough storm. This one is supposed to be the 3rd most powerful ever to hit the U.S.! (I wonder what the other ones were called?) Anyway, good luck to the residents of N.O. We'll be prayin' for you.
  16. ^^ Well, since I don't own either a PS2, Xbox, or GC, backward compatability would be nice to have so I could have it all in one box. As for the Xbox 360... I want one for more than just games. I've been wanting to get a wireless media player for awhile and this could be an all-in-one solution for me.
  17. Mine would probably be Admiral/Captain Kirk. I was 10 in 1980, so I grew up watching him in the Star Trek movies. I didn't live with my dad, so Kirk became my role-model. I watched Wrath of Khan all the time.
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