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  1. LOVE the idea of bowls mid-course form Proslide. I hadn't seen that before, but looks like it would add some really cool pacing!
  2. Luanched wooden coaster is the craziest thing I have heard in years. The idea worries me and totally intrigues me. I'm down to try it! Also, the high-five element is gonna be INSANE and cool! How has nobody done that before?!
  3. The more and more I see about the Texas Giant redo, the more I am excited about it. I remember when I went to SFOT, that ride was so impressive looking... and then not that impressive of an actual ride. Looks like this will shape it up to be much more exciting and enjoyable. Also... maybe I'm a total nerd, but... I REALLY REALLY hope parks pick up on the light-up wheels!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing these, Shane. I only got to visit AstroWorld once before it closed, but it was such a weird park! I love seeing more about it. I rode Montezooma's Revenge @ KBF today and it reminded me of Greezed Lightnin'!
  5. Dejua Vu @ SFMM is pretty intense... I like it a lot... when it's running. In all the years it's been there, I've only ridden it twice.
  6. um that is redonk. can't wait to see footage of it in action.
  7. um yeah.. so this looks amazing. i need to go back to florida next year for sure. i'll just have to take 2 weeks and hit everything.
  8. Katun has always looked badass and iSpeed looks furious. Awesome pics!
  9. Even though I've never ridden it, I'm so sad that GASM is closing. I will always miss the Arrow heyday! I hope SFMM keeps Viper for a long time to come. I was there just a few months ago and the line was over an hour! FOR VIPER!
  10. I didn't realize that they were doing so much crazy re-profiling of the ride. I thought they were just re-tracking the thing. Giant looks to be better than ever when it's complete!
  11. That's cool, man. I grew up in Vallejo and I remember petting baby tigers one time when I was very small and they were still all about the animals. Those cats are awesome.
  12. very VERY VERY COOL! This is beyond awesome! Also, every time I see Hollywood Dream The Ride, I say to myself "WTF?!"
  13. nice trip report and photos. this place looks so random... and AWESOME! gotta get there someday.
  14. Great TR! Man, Europe has some crazy ass compact coasters. I wish American parks had more stuff like that. I know they don't break records, but they seem so much more interesting. Look at Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah in TX! Super compact and fun.. And uh.. yeah... Daemon looks crazy ridiculous!
  15. I agree! I mean, I'm always up for a new ride, but I have to say that STR really just feels like a longer snake river falls. I don't get the point, either.
  16. nice report! so jealous. i've only been to CP once, but i want to go back SOO EFFING BAD!
  17. this actually looks REALLY fun. my best friend just moved to nashville so we're planning a dollywood trip this summer. STOKED!
  18. super jealous about the CGA backstage! Was my home park for a long time and I have tons of great memories there! I miss it.
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