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  1. super fun as always to see your archives! thanks for sharing!
  2. these trains... look... WICKED! Is it just me or do these trains make any wooden coaster 1k times sexier??
  3. theme-ing on a boomerang? awesome! getting soaked on that topple ride lookes awe-some/ful!
  4. This thing is gonna be so weird.. can't wait to see how it actually goes. Couldn't be any worse than it was.. right??
  5. THAT'S GONNA BE RAD! So excited to see this... and I can't say I've felt that about anything at DCA since Tower! I'm really stoked to see all of the changes around the park come into effect. So glad they're taking the time to do things right this time 'round!
  6. this thing looks super weird. can't wait to see it completed!
  7. fun pics! i haven't been to SCBBW in years and I miss it! Giant Dipper is so fun and the new Haunted Castle will be a definite draw for me to re-visit!
  8. cool paint job on the vekoma trains. i like that! alpine slide looks like a blast, too. wish there were more of those!
  9. cool pics! the architecture in dubai is NUTS! looks like fun.
  10. I'm bummed that I didn't get to do Colossus racing. I've always wanted to. I really hope that they do this more in the future - at least on peak days. Saturday when the park was open to the public, we waited about 45 mins for Colossus - WHUUUT??
  11. As usual, this event was awesome! Was so exhausted from working really late all week, that I just couldn't make it to night time ERT, but morning and all day was great! Loved it! Thanks for making this happen again, Robb! I can't wait until next year!!! who's happy to be at sfmm at 7:45 am? Me! ready to go in! tatsu closeup! more closeup goodness Terminator closeup! part of my group on Terminator More Terminator closeup action This kid was posing at me every time he went around! Awesome points. Hi guys! Sexy curve action How's that airtime? Excellent? kthxbye! going down speeding! ridin' solo! this one's more of a duet batman posers. awesome. under batman zomg! behind the scenes sneak action!
  12. Yesterday was so much fun, as usual! I, unfortunately, had to work until after 2:30 a.m. every night this week, so I was just flat out too exhausted to make it to night time ERT (which, yes, I'm kicking myself for, but all the coffee in the park couldn't remedy it), but the morning and rest of the day was AWESOME! Thanks, everybody, for making this great. My one big regret (other than above) - as usual - I still haven't made good friends with anybody on here to meet up with at these events. I need to change that!
  13. I'm guessing that the racing issue is just because it's not cost-effective. On most days the queue for the one track in operation isn't even half full, so you'd be causing unnecessary wear and tear on parts for the 2nd track that wouldn't really bring the crowds to justify the cost. There's also the labor to think about - that's now double the employees working one ride for a smallish queue.
  14. Revolution would still be ace without those stupid harnesses, which serve no purpose but pain, BTW.
  15. I agree that Space Mountain is amazing, but would it do well at a Six Flags park? I doubt it. People go there for height and extreme stuff, not for something that's small but effective. I really wish SFMM would get something like Maverick - low to the ground, but intense and using the terrain would kick a$$!!
  16. I couldn't agree more. I totally wish they would remake this with new technology. I always thought it was neat.
  17. as much as they hyped up this ride, I thought it would have been something insane, but not really. This is still pretty cool, though. I like that the room you enter is sealed off so it's like a mini tower of terror before going backwards. neat!
  18. Was digging around my archives tonight and found some old pics from Magic Mountain from 1999. In honor of WCB this weekend, I thought I'd post 'em. Sorry for the crappy quality - apparently Walgreens doesn't wrap their negatives in archival quality film. Aqua.TD6 Riddler.. still nearly brand new - check out the bright paint.. we waited 3 hours for it that day. looking up at flashback. RIP. head-bang-tastic i always thought the banking was NUTS on this thing. ugghhh!
  19. Man, Goliath and Scorcher have some wicked turns on there! They look super cool. That helix on Goliath looks RADDDDTASTIC! GASM is sure pretty, too. Great pics. Thanks for sharing!!
  20. I gotta say.. I wasn't super stoked about this new ride at first, but it's shaping up to look pretty neat.
  21. I would also assume not use any of the ride photos that feature a specific ride/park/entertainment logo since that would technically be infringing on copyright.
  22. so very late to the party and responding to this, but.... as usual.... S T O K E D!
  23. Robb - does this mean that you want Gadzooks used somewhere in the new logo or just that the original TPR logo should appear on the card, as well?
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