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  1. Wish I could have made it to SFDK. It was my home park and it's so much nicer now that when I lived there. Not as ghetto. Looks like y'all had a blast! Maybe next year.
  2. doesn't seem that odd to me looking at Intamin's past support oddities. Look at their top hat elements (Xcelerator as an example) - no supports at all in the arc section. What I find more interesting is that there's a 300+ foot drop and then all super tight twists and turns. It's going to HAUL!
  3. This is really upsetting. I'm so sad. If Magic takes out Ninja we'll REALLY be doomed! Noooo!
  4. I think this announcement is going to scare the crap out of a lot of people in the GP, but I think it's 100% the right decision for the company. I haven't been to all of the parks, but I know personally that SFMM has COMPLETELY changed over the past few years. It's now a place that I actually enjoy going to visit. I think that the new team really has the right idea in mind with making an experience everybody can enjoy, rather than slapping down a ride that will pull in temporary cash flow. This announcement today isn't shocking, but still tough to swallow -- but I think it could really be the beginning of bigger and better things for Six Flags.
  5. you guys = hilarity. looks like a blast. loving the pics... and as always... the captions.
  6. scanned a few more. Looking directly down at corkscrew #1 from the mid-course brake. Not a view you see very often. Here you can see where they were storing all of the plants for the landscaping near Kong, etc. There IS STILL no landscaping underneath this part of the ride. It's still old parking lot. Looking down on the mid-course brake and corkscrew #1 from the lift hill. The midway is not finished yet and there are no fences or gates up yet. More station construction -- the wall that makes a barrier between the ride and the employee back-area is not up yet. You can see the curb for it in the foreground. Construction on the station - notice that there are no queue rails or admission gates yet. Midway through erecting the ride - assembling the dive loop. Pouring more concrete for midways. This is the extension that comes off of the main midway to the dead end area that is home to Medusa & Kong. Walking on the brake run looking toward the station. Pouring midways. Still adding pieces of the coaster.
  7. as requested, here are a few more. i'll scan more if i have time. Check out Kong's old color scheme in the background - UGLY POOP BROWN & ORANGE! Ugh. It was nasty! Foundation pouring for a food stall, I believe. Here, you can see that not all of the concrete for the midway was poured yet. Turn around & corkscrew 2 from the lifthill. Station construction
  8. I always wondered this, myself since the inspectors in Vallejo are notoriously rigid. Maybe there was speculation about it originally or something? I never understood the 150 limit for Vallejo in the first place. They claim it's because of proximity to Napa Regional airport bit some of the trees right around there are at LEAST 200 feet so that doesn't hold up to me so much.
  9. I was way more scared of the height than anything else. I still have a fear of heights, but being locked into a train locked to rails makes me feel secure. If I have to go stand on the roof of a building, though, I get nervous still. It's irrational.
  10. As far as I know, I don't think they have... But I know that the Rock 'N Roller Coasters have an element pretty similar, just way smaller in scale:
  11. And here are the extras I mentioned - from the media day for V2: Vertical Velocity --- the original configuration with both vertical spires above the 150 ft height restriction. These were in the box with the others and thought they were fun. This was the big group of peeps from ACE that came out for V2's media day. The original, vertical sprialing spire -- 186 feet-ish. Now it's chopped and leaned over at 45 degrees. So weird.
  12. I was digging through my old box of photos today and I found a bunch of my old photos from the construction site tour I took when they were building Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (then still called Six Flags Marine World). I thought I'd share them. I was documenting the construction of this thing for a school project, so I have more if anybody cares. Just have to scan 'em. Hope you guys get a kick out of this. Oh.. and there's a couple of non-Medusa shots thrown in at the end for extra random fun. Ok Here we go. Looking East across Fairgrounds Drive, toward Vallejo/Benicia from the top of the lift hill catwalk. The control panel a few weeks before everything was hooked together. Wide shot of the area before any landscaping or fencing was installed. They were still pouring the concrete for the midway at this point. "Sea Serpent" element as seen from the mid-course brake run. Station construction & theming Corkscrew #2 as seen from the mid-course brake run.
  13. I never got to ride it, but it was simply a GORGEOUS coaster. If they ever dismantle it's West Coast sister (Viper @ SFMM), I will cry. Seriously. I will be heartbroken and probably quite literally cry.
  14. Mine was Top Gun: The Jetcoaster... oh wait... I mean :: sigh :: Flight Deck @ PGA. Back in '93, it was THE BOMB... hell it's still a good coaster! The Jetcoaster in 2k3.
  15. I say avoid the 405 like the plague unless it's after 8pm and before 8am! Everybody's right. Superman looks intimidating, but it's not AT ALL. Many of the other rides in the park are much more intense. Superman is a quick launch and after that, it's all cake. Even the curve up the spire isn't intense. I recommend shelling out for an all-day locker, too. You get to re-enter as many times as you need and it'll save you money from having to put things in a locker at ALMOST EVERY RIDE now! If you aren't there within an hour of park opening, you WILL WAIT probably at least an hour (more likely closer to 2) for X2 until the crowd starts to die down toward end of day. I was just there yesterday (Wed) and the line for X2 was 2+ hours when we got there around 11am, but when we went back around 5pm (one hour before close), it was only about 40 mins. I've noticed this pattern often on week days. X2, Tatsu, Goliath & Terminator will be your longest lines hands down. Everything else has been a walk on or 10-min wait on weekdays as of late. I hope your family has fun at the park!
  16. I think the video you're referring to is "Is It Any Wonder" from Keane.. but it's not the same "coaster" (I don't think, anyway). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucODEFzaVpY
  17. I've passed out on Goliath's helix 3-4 times now. Last week I passed out on Deja-Vu somehow, too. WTF?!
  18. mind if I throw my hand in the mix? I have a few photos I've taken and used as wallpapers. Feel free to use! 1920x1200 1920x1200 1920x1200 1920x1200 1920x1200 1920x1200
  19. Sorry just catching up with this thread now, but it's good to know I'm not the only one who saw it. I laughed really hard and heard western music coming from somewhere!
  20. man, that is depressing. The place looks really pretty, but I guess there's just not much going on, eh? Sad. Damn mis-management/planning. and OMFG the tumbleweed!
  21. I use a Canon Powershot camera with the Canon underwater housing. The housing is a little bit expensive, but it works PERFECT and you still have full control and all feature control over the camera underwater. I've used it on water rides AND under the water in pools/ocean. It works great. http://www.amazon.com/Canon-WP-DC22-Waterproof-PowerShot-SD1100IS/dp/B0012ZASQS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1243762095&sr=8-1 Examples:
  22. looks DOPE! Can't wait to see it up close & personal on Sunday! Thanks for the update!
  23. this is lookin' freakin' RAD despite the non-metal-ness. Can't wait for it!
  24. Yeah I forgot to mention that, as well. Terminator does not = wood. OK maybe if giant robots were smashing THROUGH the wood, but as a structure for a ride called Terminator? Not so much.
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