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  1. Haven't been on it, but it looks like a 9/10. McRibs?
  2. Literally 10 minutes ago, good ol' Super Mario 64. When was the last time you went to a concert?
  3. I seriously want to know what kind of drugs the people at Merlin are on lately. Dear God.
  4. Cinnamon Pop Tarts make a very good late night snack.
  5. My God, how did I just find this thread. Just finished all 36 pages of it and I'm laughing my a$$ off. You, my friend, have a gift of writing. Awesome reports, all of them!
  6. Nice report! Were you able to check out the rest of the park? From what I've seen, Van Helsing's Factory and the Nick area look really well done.
  7. Is anyone at the park for the final day today, and if so, pictures?
  8. It's almost painful seeing a ride this popular/amazing be treated like this.
  9. I say go for it. I was at the park last month (Tuesday the 15th, if it's all the same to you), and there was no hassle at all. Plus, the trapdoor slides are amazing.
  10. ^ Not in the US at least, it was a one-week only thing. Sad, I actually was in the minority that kinda enjoyed the stuff. Oh well.
  11. Holy donkey, this ride looks great. Would love to see one of these Mack megacoasters come to the US someday, they all look amazing.
  12. Shadow Moses - Bring Me The Horizon. In a very metal mood tonight...
  13. Here's another question- favorite movie of all time?
  14. ^ I have no idea what in God's name that thing is but I want it now.
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