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  1. Awesome pics! I haven't been to BGW since Verbolten's opening year, and good God I have to go back.
  2. ^ Looks great, but I hope the two coasters get relocated somewhere else. They look like a ton of fun.
  3. Wait, progress is actually kinda sorta being made here? Do my eyes deceive me??
  4. Cool! Any sci-fi theming in a park gets the stamp of approval from me.
  5. A very, very good dark ride that should never be changed.
  6. Cheetah Hunt, Dueling Dragons, and Verbolten's trains are my top three.
  7. I know that it's technically a TV show, but did anyone else start Stranger Things yet? I'm on Episode 2 and I actually think it's better than the original.
  8. 0/10 not enough gifs. Awesome report, boldikus. Skyrush is one of the most amazing looking rides ever made.
  9. Have you ever considered a different hobby? Maybe something like Cribbage or Bingo?
  10. 9/10 Awesome TRs, plus your entire Top 10 consists of bucketlist rides for me.
  11. Yeah, I love the idea of zombie laser tag (and those three words alone sound like the best thing ever), but low capacity + very sub par scare actors + half the targets not even lighting up = a hot mess compared to the other haunts. I can respect it, but I really want to see an improved version next year.
  12. Ooh, another one? Fun! 1. What is the farthest distance you've traveled to specifically visit a theme park? 830 miles for Busch Gardens WIlliamsburg. 2. Your favorite coaster in the state you live in? Mako. I also feel like I should mention that all of my top 5 consists of coasters all in my home state. lol 3. Would you rather wait in line for a boomerang (at any park) or a VR coaster @ a Six Flags? Boomerang. Haters gonna hate, I actually love these things. 4. Have u ever been the only person in a train during a coaster ride? Yes, multiple times. 5. What is your favorite thing to do at your home park that does not involve riding something? Pigging out at Twisted Tails. 6. Better time for ERT: Early morning or late night? Late night. 7. Name some theme park food that *sounds* gross, yet is oh-so-delicious? The vegetable curry pod at Satu'li Canteen at Animal Kingdom. 8. Name your top three "bucketlist" coasters you have yet to ride. Millennium Force, Helix,and Outlaw Run. 9. Have you ever been E-Vac'd? Did you receive anything if you did? No, sadly. 10. What is the longest length of time you've waited for a coaster? Two hours for Cobra's Curse. Great ride, but not worth that wait. 11. Worst flat ride ever. Name it. Phoenix. Insane ride cycle, horrendous restraints. 12. Your favorite SWEET treat at a park that is NOT your home park. Cauldron Cakes. 13. Congratulations! After aggressively gambling on the Plinko game you finally won a front of the line pass. Which ride do you use it on? Cheetah Hunt. 14. If you could have a lifetime fast pass to ONE attraction what would it be? Mako. Duh. 15. Have you ever been next to someone that puked on a coaster? No, thank God. 16. Your home park is getting a new B&M and YOU get to pick what type. Do you want an invert/hyper/dive/floorless/flyer/wing/standup? All of the above is not an option. A compact hyper a la Raging Bull would be amazing in Gwazi's old spot. 17. Name your favorite Vekoma. Rock n' Roller Coaster. 18. What water ride delivers the most unacceptable amount of wetness? The Popeye rapids ride at IOA. 19. If you were able to help design a coaster would you want it to focus on airtime or inversions/positive G's? Positives. 20. Most comfortable trains/seats for a coaster are... B&M hypers. 21. Choose one: Unlimited front-of-the-line access to your favorite coaster at your home park for one season OR $1,000 cash? Dude. Cash. Why would I choose a Fastpass over one grand. 22. You just got drowned by a flume/rapids/chute-the-chutes. Do you pay the $$ for the dryer machine or do you continue on with your day trudging around like soggy dog? The dryer machine because I'm such a special snowflake. 23. What is the worst food you've had at your home park? Turkey leg. 24. You're at Cedar Point. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... Millennium Force. 25. Favorite (non-clone) dark ride? DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom. 26. What was your favorite park you visited in 2016? SeaWorld Orlando. 27. What's your current credit count? Don't be shy. 59, most recent credit was Rockstar at Fun Spot Kissimmee. 28. Winner winner chicken dinner! You just won a trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is its only good for Six Flags America or Mt Olympus. Which do you choose? SFA. 29. What is the best Intamin coaster you have ridden? Cheetah Hunt. 30. Your home park has to remove one coaster and one flat for an expansion. Which two rides would you be OK with losing? SandSerpent and Phoenix. 31. Song/music you've heard playing at a park that absolutely has not business being played in a theme park? Humble by Kendrick Lamar... the uncensored version. Thanks for that memory Fun Spot. Thanks. 32. There's 5 minutes before the park closes. You choose to: Reride your favorite coaster in the park, OR get the new kiddie/junior coaster credit? The first one. I ain't no ho. 33. Do you visit the waterpark if it's connected to the amusement park? Like 45% of the time, yes. 34. What 2018 addition are you most looking forward to? (slightly edited question because time) STEEL VENGEANCE BABY!! 35. What was the most disappointing addition to your home park in the past 10 years? Cobra's Curse. 36. The most overrated coaster ever is... Apollo's Chariot. 37. What ride makes you wanna vomit? Mission Space (Orange side) 38. What is the best consolation prize you've won at a games booth? Bart Simpson plush. 39. And the worst? Minion plush. 40. End this questionnaire by posting a picture of your favorite light package (coaster/flat).
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot! Last night I went to HOS for the second time this season. A few thoughts; -The place was absolutely SLAMMED. Nothing like I've EVER seen on a Sunday night. 30+ wait for everything except Kumba (the mystery continues). -SheiKra really shines at night. The view of downtown you get at the top is spectacular, and back row or don't go. Always. -Favorite house of the night was Unearthed, by far. Surprisingly lengthy, themeing all over the place, and I got the sh*t scared outta me by that f*cking dog animatronic. -Scorpion was open during the event?!?! -Zombie Countainment Unit... never again. Decided to bite it and wait in the hour line (which is one hour longer than it should be) and the entire house is just ... lame. Like 25% of the targets actually lit up, it wasn't scary at all (just a guy in makeup going "RAR" and like 10 people pressing the trigger at him), and the strobe lights were awful. Also, WTF was that dubstep. My brain still hurts.
  14. Album- Flower Boy Artist- Tyler the Creator Tracks- 14 Price- $7.29 on CD Rating- 4.5/5 Easily Tyler's best album to date. Personal fave tracks are 911/Mr. Lonely and Boredom.
  15. Those models look amazing. Were you able to get the Wild Mouse credit?
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