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  1. Listen carefully, you can just barely hear Guy weeping his eyes out. Rest in peace, Hugh.
  2. I have a lot of these, but one that really stands out in my mind is the proposed GCI for Morey's Pier. Who knows, it could still happen someday. #wishfulthinking
  3. Okay, a few good points and a few bad points. First of all, love what you did with the impulse coaster. It looks really cool at the entrance of the park. The log flume looks nice next to the Arrow, but change the color scheme for the coaster. Please. My one complaint is that in the TR, it sounds like you're trying to make this a real park. If you're gonna make a chaotic megapark, then power to ya, go for it. However, if you're going for realism, then this is just plain bad. Don't wanna sound like a jerk or anything, but these are my honest thoughts.
  4. Man, 2018 is gonna be a hell of a year. This looks awesome.
  5. I would probably actually buy a pumpkin spice thing from Starbucks if it weren't for Instagram. Just sayin'.
  6. WOW. For a park so off the radar according to most, this is HUGE. A complete revamp, three new coasters, and a dark ride opening in the next two years? This is insane!!
  7. I've never been to Great America (or any Six Flags park for that matter) and I'm genuinely curious as to what the hell American Eagle's queue actually is. Like, seriously. I don't know if I'm curious or concerned.
  8. About a monthago, the boys and I decided to go all Mystery Science Theater 3000 on this masterpiece. Thank you, YMS. When was the last time you had to do schoolwork?
  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  10. While I'm not a fan of the source material, dear God the scenery is stunning in the concept art. Looks great!
  11. I think I just had an epileptic seizure just by looking at these screenshots.
  12. So glad to see The Black Spot back again this year, and holy crap, Undead Arena looks awesome/terrifying. Can't wait!!
  13. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ for the Nintendo Switch.
  14. YOU'RE BACK! WOO!! Awesome start to the new park, that car ride is really unique and awesome. I'l be following this with much enthusiasm!
  15. I have a huge thing for steampunk theming, so this looks balls awesome. Would love to make it to this park someday!
  16. 10/10. Also, everything on that plate looks amazing. Stranger Things?
  17. I saw that too, and thought... "Oh, look... A fine example of lack of education in our society." Like, do people not know how to be civilized?? Oh, my thought was “I hope he was removed from the park for making obscene gestures towards the cameras” Y'all have zero sense of humor. I agree that the gesture is offensive, but come on... look at his face...
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