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  1. Iron Maiden in Gothenburg, last July. Well, I've been to a few small pub gigs and stuff, but that is here nor there, but I'm seeing Saxon and Doro tomorrow night in Manchester!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wtiNzci1Wc Pink Floyd,
  3. Can't see why it isn't classed as an inversion - doesn't matter that it's a shuttle type thing, weird RCDB interpretations of "inversions" there IMO.
  4. Hurt - Nine Inch Nails (Live, Reading Festival) After this it's going to be Starlight by Muse, random track listing FTW!
  5. Lisebergbanan has some great, but not world class choppers now they have added Upswinget (or however you spell it) to the hill that the three helix curves are based round - really awesome at night with the lights throughout the park turned of! Blackpool's Wild Mouse has the craziest though, what an awesome ride, small pieces have fallen of the frame whilst I've been on it before, +100 OMG factor to those mad choppers.
  6. Air at Alton Towers was crap for running during it's first season of operation....
  7. Looking into Tokyo at the moment, hopefully a deposit in by the weeks end. I'm a stickler for details, so I'm looking at stuff like a day at Thorpe Park since it's near the airport, and crap like that. But I'll have a definate answer asap,
  8. I'm damn interested in the Spain trip, damn the mole needs cash, fast. But all I hear is: "No I will not pay you three hundred dollars for sex"
  9. Looks a lot better than it did at Flamingo Land thats for sure, and it figures that a German coaster would have Siemens parts on it (the OP7 screen, we use them on our machines at work) and a Rittal cabinet (also German). Rock on vertical contruction!
  10. None for me thanks, screaming, shouting little rats that you cant keep inline any more - I think not.
  11. Lets be fair, he is only doing what he thinks is best for his Country, if he leaves the Government in three years and the Country has a strong economy, people may just think he did a good job at home, even if his foriegn policy work seems a bit dry. Also, his belief on the climate issue is that it is a natural occourance, now, I laughed like a good 'un when I first heard that, however, put simply - think about it, the planet went through an ice age before, how many cavemen were burning oil and chopping down the rainforests then? None. Agreed, I feel it is VERY undemocratic (which, in essence, is choice) to force a way of life upon a nation, invading a Country to make them see it from "our" point of view isnt just wrong, its illegal, and no matter how much I hate the folk who dig at Bush needlessly (OMFG, HE SAID SOMETHING WRONG, LOLZ!!!!11), he should go up for war crimes.
  12. Oh man, Clerks was ace, this could be cool, but for some reason, part of me is a bit worried they might ruin it. *Runs of and watches his Clerks X dvd*
  13. Man that looks good, should be a nice intense experience, and its certainly much tighter than any other B&M Inverted coasters inversions, top stuff! Damn, August cant come fast enough!
  14. Well, don't touch it when its on then, I bet my ass that you either moved, knocked or tilted it whilst the disc was in, that would'nt happen for no reason. I knocked it over by accident and it ate my COD 2 disc, two nasty scratches all the way round, still works fine though, huzzah! EDIT: After closer inspection, thats NOTHING, it TOTALLY ate a set of gouges in my COD 2 disc, and it works fine, I see no extensive damage on the CD you shew, at all. EDIT 2: Yeah, but it isnt the "full game", you get PDZ whether you like it or not, with no manual, it comes in a cheapo plastic wallet, no case.
  15. A pair of generic jeans and my VG Cats "How I mine for fish" t - shirt, I love it!
  16. COD 2 all the way man, I play it on 360, and it absoloutly RULES, brilliant gameplay (kinda linear, but you dont pay much attention to that) and some nice scenery (if you're playing PC, hefty graphics card and processor reccomended, along with a gig of memory), if you're playing 360 - no worries. Plug in a 5.1 kit for a really cool gaming time - I did (cheapy one, sounds a bit tinny, but still cool) and boy it rules! Glory to the unconqourable Infinity Ward and Activision!
  17. Perfect Dark:Zero, and Call of Duty 2 (36) over xbox live, I'm called Porkycat - hook up with me if I'm ever online live peeps!
  18. I'm not too sure to be honest, it just came in a moment of madness long ago. But beware the murderous mole's, they will bonzai ninja you're ass good! Ni ni ni!
  19. Yep - you're in luck for Christmas, there'sgood eating one one of them!
  20. Welcome to the tiolet's, you'll never leave.
  21. God no. Should I swap my pre order of Kameo for Project Gothem Racing for xbox 360?
  22. My word you're in for a suprise, trust me, by the time you enter the Cobra Roll on JO you will BEG for it to be over, the amount of bad language will only be surpassed by the amount of PAIN. Seriously though - klonk!
  23. It was the Corkscrew at Flamingo Land if I remember rightly, jippe! Vekoma sexy-ness! (Pic from RCDB, cheers to them).
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