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  1. Sin City. Saw it last night, and boy did it meet my expectations, the graphic novels were excellent and the movie was too - reccomended to all!
  2. Not much, nice and toasty warm in my study - yey! White boxer shorts and a rainbow wig (I'm talking to my friend from new zealand on a webcam and thought it would be appropriatly strange).!
  3. Gonna book it tonight if I can, FINALLY, going to badger some money from my dad: My laptop just died and I've had to fork out fir it fixing - so I am currently financially dead. Should still be on for the trip though, I know your all posativly dying to meet me, lol.
  4. The mole will be coming to Liseberg for sure, with Rob (Robbeal) and Martyn (Martyn)! Lucky you guys
  5. The specifications are quite impressive, but the processor for the xbox is still more powerful - it contains more cells than the new Sony console - but if I can afford - I'm still having both
  6. I did Nemesis Inferno 21 times in a day with my friend Rob, not bad considering the normal queue was 70 mins (huzzah signle rider). Done Megafobia a good number of times in a day aswell, the park was totally dead, maybe thirty times - all I remember is zipping by the lake many, many times - yey!
  7. ^ Is correct. < Is a cow, honk honk! (VG Cats rules). V Is not a cow, but will honk honk anyway.
  8. Cool hair, tell me, did that count towards the maximum height restriction when riding coasters?
  9. Ya see, it's full proof! I'm going to have the same problems with Six Flags Holland (cant spell its new name, ). Should be interesting to see how it goes!
  10. ^ Martyn, Martyn Martyn - you forget the simple advise for talking to people who dont speak fluent english. "POINT AND TALK LOUDLY". Got me round Ohio *dodges bullets*
  11. You know I really aught to pay more attention to this stuff - would I need to ship you the cheque though? Or do you have a paypal account thingy?
  12. Can I have: I'm a cow, HONK HONK! Yey,
  13. Happy birthday to: Pure Randomness. Crazy4coasters. Thuur. Yey!
  14. Lol, there amazing - I simply must get one . But I live many many miles away in ye olde Britannia, so shipping may be an issue - but guys ... you *know* you want to bring loads to Liseberg and Walibi World with you, mwahhahaaaa. Ahem.
  15. Dont forget the rat Rob, :shock:. I may just have to come to this (if the others CFians can put up with me) - there is Intamin launched AND Intamin wood *drools*. Harvey "Intamin, yey" North - lol, doesnt have the same ring to it does it?
  16. "And I find it funny, that the best dreams I've ever had is the ones in which I'm dying" - sounds about right, lol
  17. ^ It's not so much as the cheap and space factor, as the momentum factor, inversions take quite a bit of steam out of a ride, so without having something massivly tall - the easiest way to get many inversions is to have those that dont remove much kinetic potential majiggy from the train - ie, sloped barrell rolls
  18. Nope, it's still Colossus at Thorpe Park - Intamin multi looper. Inversions in order: Loop, cobra roll (counts as two), corkscrew, corkscrew, 4x clockwise barrell roll and one anti clockwise barrell roll
  19. Newsflash: Choice IS an issue. If Vekoma coasters do you no good, stay of them, if I dont like a coaster I take the sensible option ..... dont ride it again, no fanfare and no parade and no second chances. But then again, I've ridden plenty of coasters and had no issues with one yet, sure, some have been rough - but elts face it you're swooping around at high speeds and twisting through inversions, do you expect a skate on ice? Not charicteristic *ties hands down to stop rant* blah blah.
  20. Depends on the coaster, flyers and inverted rides - the front, but on woodies it has to be the back, top notch airtime, you should try the grand national sometime *KLONK* .
  21. I have me a coaster caleneder (yey), it has a picture of Millennium Force's first drop while the sun is setting, mmmmm - memories
  22. From what I've seen there all good, and WHY did I hang around on my bloody own when Martyn was filimg the CF "Lovely Rita" video, I could have had my 10 secodns of fame
  23. I would (if you dont mind) like to fly out to Amsterdam and travel to Walibi World, I'd love to ride Goliath, and generally meet you guy's - you seem cool. Plus I just checked, flights are only £90 - reasonable, theres some convinient times too, yeyness! I shall see, if its cool?
  24. It has to be expedition ge force, without a doubt - it's absoloutly amazing from start to finish. Crazy drop, crazy airtime, crazy turns along with a smooth ride and brilliant trains - brilliant combination Plus it was raining, we flew into the breaks, it keeps its speed very well, damn I want another go!
  25. Loup Garou is an excellent coaster - smooth, nice airtime, comfy trains and a decent layout - from what the general view is about Vekoma - you certainly would'nt think they had built it - top notch rides.
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