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  1. Thanks, Happy birthday me and the other dude, yeyness!
  2. Simple, its a prototype, and was most likely rushed, ALL proto type rides have bugs that need ironing out, X at SFMM does/did and an example of a ride in the UK is Air at AT, the first year of its operation was a joke - and that s a B&M and Consign AG development, bothare known for reliability aswell.
  3. "Why havnt I burned down the "vote labour" sign down the road yet".
  4. deathmole

    UK Trip

    Whooops, sorry, didnt realise there was soemthign else on the boards about it , . Thanks for that though
  5. deathmole

    UK Trip

    I know you've probably been asked this many, many times, BUT, are you guys planning any return trip to the UK and Europe any time soon? I'd love to meet you all
  6. The cat is sat on my DnD players guide, damn that cursed feline! :shock:
  7. The ride's great IMO, but you have to ride defensivly, and prepare for each twist or turn so you dont get a bumpy assed suprise, its a top notch laugh though, and that first drop is confusing - wheeee, funky loopy spinny goodness!
  8. My arse hurts :shock: I just drove home from Alton Towers on my bike, dagnabbit I need a car! Comfy comfy seats!
  9. The big one at the pleasure beach blackpool has had its fair share of modifications, the reprofiled first drop is much tamer, as if the helix and finale drop into the tunnel since they added the brakes before hand. Sure the rides been neutered to hell, but I suppsoe it needed it, the chassis of the cars were warped after a few years of service due to the profile of the drop. It'd still have been nice to try the drop though. Before: http://www.3piers.com/bpbbigone.jpg After: http://www.rcdb.com/ig775.htm?picture=24 Piccys credited to 3piers.com and rcdb.com respectivly. Notice in the after piccy the extra blue frame work the track has been raised on, doesnt drop as sharp or bank nearly as quick, damn atlott and lomax!
  10. Thought I might aswell pop in and say hello since I'm new round here ... so here goes! Hi folks
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