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  1. Wouldn't FP+ encourage park hopping? Or are you restricted to 3 FP's per day instead of 3 FP's per park per day?
  2. Are we sure this is one and the same coaster? Isn't this park getting a Vekoma and a B&M?
  3. Actually, the algorithm is not that complicated, you just need to know how to script it. I was able to create a similar algorithm that helps me rank my coaster with basic scripting knowledge. But whoever he is, I am extremely grateful for what he does.
  4. Yes it did happen, and no I wasn't thinking about sex at that moment . Scary as it might be without a more....restraining restraint, it didn't feel unsafe to me. I think more coasters with moderate airtime deserve buzzbars.
  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting Outlaw Run at #1. That ride is just incredible.
  6. I have, and to be honest, I quite liked it. I will never say it is a smooth ride, but it was actually not that bad as I expected. The ride is very exciting and somehow the excitement outweighed the roughness
  7. Finally sat down to update my ballot, but I got lazy and just did the top10 and bottom5, the others are just divided into categories. Due to the my trip to the US (TPR Texas MidWest plus personal addons) my top 10 saw a few new coasters: Outlaw Run (3), Voyage (4), Legend (5), Raven (7), Hades 360 (8). 1-10 : Best of the World 20 : Fantastic 30 : Super 40 : Good 50 : Enjoyable 60 : Nothing special 70 : Just a credit 80 : Un-enjoyable 95-99 : Worst of the world 0 My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere ** (Batman La Fuga - Parque Warner Madrid) 1 Boulder Dash Lake Compounce CT 2 El Toro SFGAd NJ 3 Outlaw Run Silver Dollar City MO 4 The Voyage Holiday World IN 5 The Legend Holiday World IN 6 Phoenix Knoebel's PA 7 Raven Holiday World IN 8 Hades Mount Olympus WI 9 Apocalypse S. F. Magic Mountain CA 10 Troy Toverland NL 20 Giant Dipper Santa Cruz Bch Bdwk CA Lightning Racer - L Hersheypark PA Lightning Racer - T Hersheypark PA Jack Rabbit Kennywood PA Boardwalk Bullet Kemah Boardwalk TX Cyclops Mount Olympus WI Zeus Mount Olympus WI Wodan TimburCoaster Europa Park DE Tonnerre de Zeus Parc Asterix FR Joris en de Draak W de Efteling NL Joris en de Draak V de Efteling NL 30 Roar SF Discovery Kingdom CA GhostRider Knott's Berry Farm CA Colossus S.F. Magic Mountain CA Cyclone Luna Park NY Wildcat Hersheypark PA Twister Knoebel's PA Stampida Port Aventura ES 40 Giant Dipper Belmont Park CA Gwazi-Tiger Busch Gardens-Tampa FL Gwazi-Lion Busch Gardens-Tampa FL Viper SFGAm IL American Thunder Six Flags St Louis MO Hell Cat Clementon Lake NJ Great White Wild Wheels Pier NJ Dragon Coaster Playland NY The Beast Kings Island OH Comet Hersheypark PA Thunderbolt Kennywood PA Mammut Tripsdrill DE 50 American Eagle SFGAm IL The Boss Six Flags St Louis MO Screamin' Eagle Six Flags St Louis MO Blue Streak Cedar Point OH Mean Streak Cedar Point OH Racer Kings Island OH Thunderhawk Dorney Park PA Racer Kennywood PA Judge Roy Scream SFoT TX Rebel Yell Kings Dominion VA 60 Arkansas Twister Magic Springs AR Cyclone SF New England MA Wild One SF America MD Pegasus Mount Olympus WI HellCat Timber Falls WI The Bandit Movie Park DE Coaster-Express Parque Warner Madrid ES Anaconda Walygator Parc FR 70 Little Dipper SFGAm IL Woodstock Express Kings Island OH Meteor Little Amerricka WI Tomahawk Port Aventura ES 80 Roar SF America MD 95 The Grizzly Great America CA 96 Robin Hood Walibi Holland NL 97 Wildcat Lake Compounce CT 98 Hurler Kings Dominion VA 99 The Grizzly Kings Dominion VA
  8. Not sure if it had any meaning, but it is a giant spherical piece of rock that's floating on a thin layer of water. The water acts as a bearing, reducing friction so much that you rotate the sphere by pushing it.
  9. I think the reason for that noise was the fact that the supports weren't connected to the foundations. They simply stood on the ground and were lifted and banged down when a car took one of the hills.
  10. I cannot see your picture, but your calculations are somewhat correct. At the lowest point in the valley, you want a vertical force of 3.5 G. The formula for that is G*g = v^2/r . Since gravity is in the same direction as the vertical force at that point, the track can only account for 2.5 Gs. So that only gives you the radius at the bottom of the valley. If you need to know what the rest of the radii should be, you'll need some more advanced math. Since the G-force is related to radius, speed and track angle, I guess you'll need to solve or iterate some kind of differential equation.
  11. Haha, MATLAB is one of the easiest script languages to learn. A lot of algorithms and functions ready and available, and not much focus on syntax. Other languages are tougher to learn.
  12. Haha, that photobomb at dragster, never thought it would be so hilarious.
  13. Are you sure it is going to be a clone? On these scaled models they sometimes just place whatever coaster they want just to point out 'this is place where there will be a coaster'. Unless more details become available, I'd say there's a 50/50 chance between an Expedition GeForce and a Mega-lite.
  14. Ok I really need to start penning down my ideas. Was walking around with this idea for quite some time about half a year ago. My mental picture was virtually the same as the patent concept. Damn you Disney.
  15. Did I rode a different Hades 360 than everyone of you? Sure it wasn't smooth as butter and there were a few nasty bumps, but the ride had enough fun to compensate for the bits of roughness.
  16. I'm guessing they're top-heavy. They stay up perfectly in the dense water, but have no resistance in the air and flop down.
  17. OK, lets test this EDIT: just one note, during preview my pics where showing up reversed.
  18. Like I said, the piece on the left is either an upwards curve on a sitdown or a downwards curve on an invert. Since the radius is very tight, it would be impossible for an inverted train to make such a curve. So I believe it will not be an invert, regardless if this is for KI or another park.
  19. That piece on the left seems to rule out it being an invert. Can't say what type it is as the other types of B&M coaster all have a row of 5 or 6 bolts horizontally.
  20. Brilliant, what an awesome coaster. Thanks for sharing! But out of curiosity, were you able to find out anything on why only one of these exists? Perhaps because of the reliability, cost or complexity of the tilt system?
  21. It is doable, but I wouldn't recommend it. You'll be doing a speedrun through all the parks, missing one of the top qualities of the WDW parks: atmosphere. Sure the rides are cool, but there are much better parks focusing on thrill rides in the neighborhood. Looking at your list of rides you want to do, I'd suggest doing just Magic Kingdom and Studios. You'll get most of your list while you can still enjoy the parks instead of doing a hit and run.
  22. Looks interesting. Can't wait to see the possibilities of this new coaster system.
  23. You can do so much more if you know how to setup your camera properly. I've made better pics with a point and shoot on manualy than my friend with an DSLR on full auto. Plus, if you invest time in getting to know your setting, you can switch, adapt and predict lighting conditions to set up your camera real fast. EDIT: Just to give you an example, the following two pictures are literally 1 minute apart.
  24. Centrifugal force (or centripetal force, depending on your choice of faith) is always pointed outwards. If you go backwards or forwards, the G's will always be pushing you in your seat.
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