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  1. The reveal should be on the 8th of April, according to the countdown on the park's website. It would be really lame to pull a prank one whole week after April Fool's.
  2. The park is a zoo that is only recently adding more themepark-ish stuff. I don't they will have to budget to break any of the big records. But I do believe they will present something unique. At the moment I'm guess toward either RMC doing something amazing, or something with a moving track portion (tilt coaster, drop segment, or similar). And fire, please let there be fire.
  3. It's not possible at the moment, but the devs are hoping to put it in the game with a future update.
  4. ^I'd like to add that many coaster enthusiasts I know (including myself) actually got into the world of rollercoasters because of RCT. When the games came out basically everybody in my school was playing it, and nowadays every still remembers the puking guests, crashing rollercoasters and drowning mascottes (or is that just me?). The game took a turn for the worse with RCT3 and I was hoping Atari got their shit together for the next release, but this like hitting rock bottom only to get a drill hoping to get even lower.
  5. Well, here is my top 20. Joining the TPR midwest trip last year sure shook up my rankings. The coasters new for 2013 are marked bold. 1. Batman la Fuga (Parque Warner Madrid) 2. Busch Gardens Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa) 3. Katun (Mirabilandia) 4. Goliath (Six Flags Fiesta Texas) 5. Talon (Dorney Park) 6. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park) 7. Maverick (Cedar Point) 8. Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) 9. Flight Deck (California's Great America) 10.Batman (Six Flags Great America) 11.Batman (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 12.Raptor (Cedar Point) 13.Monster (Walygator) 14.Oz'Iris (Parc Asterix) 15.Great White (SeaWorld San Antonio) 16.Titan (Six Flags Over Texas) 17.Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 18.Millennium Force (Cedar Point) 19.Superman Attraccion d'Acero (Parque Warner Madrid) 20.Dragon Khan (Port Aventura)
  6. Alright, here a little double-station-reserve-launch-&-reverse-return system I scripted for an upcoming coaster. It took some time to figure out the scripting, but it's marvelous to see it working properly. At the moment Auto mode is working perfectly. Block mode still has some issues.
  7. I consider something a coaster when the train goes upward without the help of anything but it's own momentum. So that rules out anything powered and alpine slides. But I have two exceptions to my rule: butterfly-coasters and water rides with just a single hill. So Poseiden is a coaster, while Atlantica isn't. Yeah, logic A random butterfly "coaster" The water ride at Klotten, which could technically be considered a coaster, but not in my book.
  8. That looks like the Superman floorless in Parque Warner Madrid
  9. If you want good woodies and parks close together, I'd go with the East Coast. El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure), Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce), Phoenix (Knoebels). Plus Busch Gardens Williamsburg has very nice landscaping and theming. Then you can add Dorney Park, Six Flags New England and Hersheypark for you share of good steel coasters. If you want to get a good view of the relative location of the parks, you can use coast2coaster.com
  10. ^To be honest, I have seen RCT3 Custom trains looks better than that. I'm guessing it'll be your standard Vekoma motorbike train with modified body panels and a lot of neon.
  11. North America has a wide arrange of parks in lots of different places. Could you share a bit more about your tastes? For example, would you prefer parks with atmosphere and theming, or are you more into coasters? Do you want to go somewhere with a certain climate, or do you want to avoid a certain area? Do you prefer to stay in one hotel/city/state or drive around a bit?
  12. I'm guessing money. Vekoma will have made them an extremely generous offer to place a prototype in their park. They did something similar when they placed their motorbike prototype in Toverland.
  13. Another thing that could lead to a stall is if something on the wheel assembly breaks. If that happens, it could increase the friction dramatically or jam the train alltogether. It can basically happen anywhere, as I seem to recall Expedition Geforce stranding on top of an airtime hill. It could happen in a loop as well.
  14. Not sure if this is in the direction you want, but I've heard these a couple times: - Riding coasters with high positive G's can shorten your body. And similar - Riding coasters with high positive G's speeds up your digestive system. I have no idea how you would test the 2nd one, good luck with that
  15. Isn't that just a sidewinder with a drop after it? Technically yes, but it has never been built in such a way. All sidewinders I know of are followed by a helix or curve, never a drop.
  16. This. Will. Rule. I was of the opinion that I did not need this game as I would prefer NL2, but riding coasters in VR is one hell of a feature!
  17. Pardon my ignorance, but what site is that? Not sure which one Robb quoted, but there are several WDW calenders on the net. Googling 'wdw crowd calender' or something similar usually takes me to a useful site right away.
  18. That park looks incredible indeed. From the pictures it looks like they really went a 100% on getting decent theming. Do you know if the park is part of a chain/franchise or is it completely independent, because that would make it even more impressive.
  19. Looks like Dubai to me. That means you're still heading East. So India could still be an option.
  20. Well...the stop-over was obviously Amsterdam. The pictures of the Mcdonalds and flowers were from the terminal as well. I'm hopping on the 'India' bandwagon as there is a park over there that also has a Nitro coaster. They also have a Deep Space rollercoaster They also have a Gold Rush Express and a (Bandits of) Robin Hood, which is a wooden coaster in Walibi Holland, where you posted a Goliath picture of. I'm sure there are other clues pointing to other indian coasters. Found more: India has two 'Big Apple'- rides, and you did post a New York picture (but that one might be too easy thinking on my side)
  21. That's ridiculous indeed, how does the way a coaster is built change the amount of fun a coaster is? And even if you're sooo convinced El Toro shouldn't be in this poll, simply exclude the entry and don't be a spoilsport and place it last.
  22. Check, check, check, check and check...looks like I'm all of the above I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed...
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