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  1. Purely based on location, go with the Flamingo, it's right on the center of the strip, Luxor is almost at the south end.
  2. Capacity. By placing an MCBR halfway between the first drop and brake run, allows you to run an additional train. It also helps to control the speed into the following 'cliffhanger'-style drop.
  3. It took me a few moment to understand your question, but it basically comes down to your choice of frame of reference. For example, take a (slow) barrel roll and an airtime hill. While both elements provide negative G from the rides point of view, only the airtime hill provides negative G (or reduced positive) with respect to the earth. Apart from the rotational forces and velocity, your body shouldn't be able to tell the difference between the barrel roll and an airtime hill providing -1 G.
  4. My bet is on Furius Baco. Fastest coaster in Europe, no tophat and minimal height difference.
  5. Sheikra concept looks awesome. How much will it be to get something like that shipped to Europe?
  6. It's not just on wooden coasters. Steel coasters often use a quick turn before engaging the lift hill. It's mainly to keep the layout compact. In these cases, the final brakes combined with the station make quite a long stretch of track. If there is no turn before the lift hill, the layout will be more restricted. By turning between the station and lift, less space is used and the ride can fit in a smaller piece of land (and even more when you make a turning drop). As others already said, it just depends on the layout of the ride and the park's surrounding area it's placed in. Sometimes straight is the way to go, otherwise you punt in a turn.
  7. This implies that the loop will be one of the first elements. But you can place an inversion near the end of the ride, when the speed is much lower. And if you're still worried about costs, go for a barrel roll
  8. It's not a matter of possibility, but rather of style. I believe most manufactures, parks (and subconsciously the GP) as well, that a coaster focused on speed and airtime should not contains inversions. And vice versa, a coaster with many inversions should not feature (a lot of) airtime hills. There are some exceptions to this. One that comes to my mind is Vortex at KI, where is some hyper-ish track style before the first set of inversions (but this could also be to shed speed because Arrow only built one-sized loops at that time). The other way around, Superman La Attraction de Acero in Parque Warner has a floater hill between the cobra roll and the corkscrews. I'm sure there are more examples. Personally, I'd love to see a proper mega/hyper/giga coaster featuring one or two inversions. It shouldn't be too difficult for Intamin for example, as they are putting OTSR-style restrains on coasters that don't have inversions in the first place.
  9. The theming isn't really steampunk, it's focused on the time that mining was a big industry in the Netherlands. So it'll probably be more historically accurate instead of slamming dials and funnels on everything.
  10. Last Saturday was the last of six Halloween Nights at Toverland. In addition to the pumpkins, scare-actors and atmosphere, Toverland converted it's Funhouse and Hedge maze into a Zombie House and Walk-through maze. Lines for both were pretty long, so I didn't check them out. Enjoy the photo's! Boosterbike looks very eerie with it's toxic-green lightning. Troy had an alternating illumination set-up. My favorite was the blood-red color. Still my favourite angle of the first drop. Troy from across the log flume lake. Dwervelwind is a really awesome ride, especially at night. Ah, looks like some of the warriors decided to come out and play. The line for the maze was kinda long, I'll pass. Did manage to get a glimpse of one of the actors. The kids area had a killer DJ. The other haunt is a Funhouse during the day. At night, they fill it up with zombies! The facade of the rapid looks a lot scarier in the night. Ah...more creepy dudes. Of of the shows featured a magician with a couple of special guests. Fire is always better Troy's inner queue was filled, which was about a 30 min wait. More fire!
  11. Do you know if it's the same for Parque Warner? It is. And before you ask, it is the same in Port Aventura
  12. No need to pay for bunnies. Storage racks are available in the stations.
  13. The park will not be crowded at all. Getting all credits in is a piece of cake. Apart from the coasters, Droomvlucht and Villa Volta are two beautiful and elaborately themed darkrides. If you want more random stuff, go for Eftelings Arab version of Pirates (Fata Morgana) and It's a small world (Carnaval Festival). As for plans of attack, you will have time to spare, so you can do everything you like (multiple times). The park is very much laid out around a lake, so you can go either clockwise or counterclockwise
  14. I was rather impressed by this unique Top Spin with independent rotating arms WipeOut at DreamWorld, Australia
  15. I'm planning to visit Orlando this November, but does anyone know when Universal publishes the opening hours of USF and IOA for that month?
  16. I cannot say this for certain, but my guess is that each coaster type has a different set of load profiles (amount of forces in x, y and z directions), combined with the track width and train weight and dimensions. Putting this into a structural calculation program you could optimize the shape to be the strongest and the lightest for every scenario.
  17. Is it me, or does that render show 4 times the same layout? Seems a bit dull to me.
  18. Just because you can't reach the top speed doesn't mean you can't go fast. You can take your car onto a race-track and do some fast laps. At such moment, I'd rather have a car that is either focused on acceleration or handling instead having a top speed that can be reached in only 1 place in the world.
  19. What is the point of having a top speed that is unattainable in real life?
  20. I'm not totally sure about this but I believe Vekoma started out as the European fabricator for Arrow. Once they knew how to build tracks, they basically flipped off Arrow and continued on for themselves. Kind of the same what Giovanola did for Intamin/B&M, only a bit more succesfull.
  21. I'd love to live in a world where there are as many RMC's as Vekoma boomerangs. If that means we'll get 40+ RMC's or all but 4 boomerangs get turn down, I hope the first one, but both would be wonderful. I don't even care if they start cloning a certain layout or element set, B&M did that with Batman, and I love every single one of them.
  22. Hurray for Batman! Great to see you had a good time Marcel.
  23. ^You would first need a 3ds model of a water dummy. Then it's as simple as combining the object and a script to make it follow the train. If you can find an existing coaster with such a script, all you have to do is change the parameters to make sure the dummy is in the correct position. And the script will not just limit you to dummies, you can create new trains (wingriders etc), LED-covered trains, flamethrower. Basically whatever you can image.
  24. There is a list of commands and queries in the Scripting API section of the help files.
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