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  1. I went to busch on Memorial Day and I have to say 3 things 1. Cheetah Hunt and Scoropion both gave kickass rides . 2. Crowds ere extremely light (because of the clusterbomb in Orlando) 3. My god that new ice show is bad . At least Iceploration has some sort of art direction. Here, they just got their hands on some pop songs.
  2. I know this is really hard for enthusiasts to understand, but there are people who want a view but not a thrill. Observation towers are great family rides. Drop towers are not. True. Personally, I don't while I don't think they will make a comeback, I love observation towers for the sweet, sweet ac oh yeah and the views.
  3. Observation towers can be much more of an investment in touristy areas that are not parks i.e Towers of the Americas. In parks though, they tend to fail because now everyone has a drop tower which provide BOTH a thrill and a view.
  4. This is the worst coaster theme thread, not the thread where we praise the overlord himself.
  5. I'm with you though. I thought RIddler looked great before... Now, not so much, and it doesn't really make sense with the character. I mean, it's not a BIG deal, but it's really odd, and another strange color combo decision by an amusement park (shockingly, NOT CF this time! lol) My question is, was Riddler's Revenge in NEED of a paint job, let alone a new color scheme?
  6. I was skeptical, but when you look into it they're flat out telling us that CGA is getting an Intamin Impulse coaster. They've listed the specs and there are construction markers in the exact spot where the rendering shows it going. It also fits into what they said on the conference call perfectly. I went into detail here. I get it, I definetly get it. But i am wondering how much of that is written in stone and not just a proposal. Remember, the transcript that came about when fury was being pitched to get money from charlotte. It was labeled as a 300 ft winged coaster. If it is intamin, great. But I don't know if I am personally ready to place all my chips on them. Hell, it could turn out to be a skyrocket II, afterall they used a picture of talon to describe a transformed vortex lol. I mean, it's been a decade since Intamin has built a ground up impulse so this would be like if B&M were to make a stand up.
  7. You know, Kanonen would be a damn good fit for Grona Lund (pun intended)
  8. There are so many things wrong with this photo I don't even know where to begin.
  9. As much as I love it, this thread needs to be renamed to the official maverick circle-jerk.
  10. To me, just replace a couple hills with some Maverick style inversions and you really do have perfection!
  11. That's the equivalent of saying I never will understand the appeal for wanting of being floated in the air and going hill after damn hill while doing nothing else. I understand that wasn't your cup of tea but you came off as if intensity in a ride is a BAD thing.
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