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  1. Tokyo Disneysea and a patch of land in America big enough to fit disneysea
  2. At this rate, they might as well rebuild the entire place from the ground up.
  3. Forever now this line for X2-Green Day
  4. 5. Watch the world- Box car racer 4. Longview- Green day 3. Territorial pissings - nirvana 2. I'm lost without you- blink-182 1. Starman- David Bowie
  5. Originally, ALL of the concept of MGM studios would've been compacted into one pavilion in EPCOT. The most instresting part that would've been hidden behind a blue backdrop. Is that the Hyperion theater in DCA?
  6. Some of the gp in my family despise Kumba compared to Montu, however it's a fantastic ride to me.
  7. S&S is trying to make the Euthanasia Coaster in real life.
  8. Hey, it's good to see SOME progress. At least this won't be like the disasters in Dubai and the battle in the bayou for Jazzland.
  9. Either that or some pressure pads near the signs.
  10. A fact about Gwazi when it was still up and dueling. When you would choose a side, the other side would ''roar''(ex. If someone went with tiger a lion roar sound effect would play).
  11. No coaster related, but park related Epcot's old school logo is still painted on the ground in the Innoventions courtyard Ariel view via Google Earth
  12. Not going to hhn, but I always wondered about the safe zones in the park.(shops, resteraunts, etc) Are there any this year or any year in that matter?
  13. If I can be subject and allowed to a custom title, I would like it to be ''yead''
  14. How. HOW. Kiss the Pierogies and Cesari's b**ch They can keep their crappy Pennsylvanian pizza to themselves.
  15. In honor of those lost on this day, Skylines and Turnstiles-My Chemical Romance.
  16. Amen. I went twice 6 years ago and my family was amazed. Amazing considering they aren't the biggest fans of the park.
  17. Sounds more like it just didn't live up to expectations rather than being overrated, which is a different thing. Those expectations set by just about everyone on this site. Thus making it overrated.
  18. I would go with Knoebels before last year... but Impulse I think completed their lineup. Thought I'm not going to say the park is ''perfect'' by any means. Also Cesari's Pizza is OK. But I have high standards for great pizza, considering I was born in New York. YOU KNOW WHAT, I'LL SAY KNOEBELS IS OVERRATED.
  19. Sniff, I can never get someone to understand what I say Back on track, what I'm trying to say is that I like the Dragon Fire Grill and (in a joking fashion), I disagree with your opinion.
  20. You're triggering me so much with that statement. ? (I don't understand what you mean) Trigger:A topic, phrase or word that emotionally sets someone off. Could refer to anger, or reliving a traumatic experience. Sometimes this is logical, other times it seems like an attention grab. It is fairly common for certain communities on, for example, Live journal to be overly sensitive to people's 'triggers' (often but not always relating to sexual assault)--any mention of violence may be censored.
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