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  1. The food court esque food in the Dragon Fire Grill in BGT is surprisingly better than the former Desert Grill. Also Pretzels!
  2. ^^ That's insanely impractical. I feel like this and the Morey Pier's GCI share too much in common.
  3. In other news... www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/140423931-story
  4. Now that would be truly awesome! I can only imagine a >300 ft loop That could kill us all with it's intense g forces.
  5. Urgh!!! It really annoys me when people make articals like this when they have no clue what they are talking about. I mean, where is Balder, Expedition G force and how can desperado be better than Helix! Lesser-known parks always get left out of these lists. Seriously, where's Phoenix, Boulder Dash, and Phantom's Revenge!? The Gp doesn't know lesser-known parks unless they live near it.
  6. blink-182's new song ''Bored to Death''. It sounds AMAZING!
  7. I'd might be to be killed for this but... I honestly dislike airtime in general. But if I have to choose, I prefer floater.
  8. You just described almost every coaster B&M has done in 13 years. Cough Cough Intimidatior Cough Cough
  9. 1. Plugged Tv show clips 2. Inaccurate facts Yep this is watchmojo
  10. When you reach the top of an escalator you expect to experience a pre-drop or drop.
  11. The tile fairy is IMMORTAL. It's birthday is everyday. It just happened TPR would like to mention that it's the legend's birthday today.
  12. I was kind of hoping for the snake to spit ''venom'' at the trains. But I guess a guy can only hope.
  13. Whitewoods - Beach Walk AKA the pyrocynical song
  14. One of my all time favorites. Carousel-blink-182
  15. I love this has become the thread to talk about tidal force in hersheypark rather than what could replace Tidal Wave.
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