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  1. If they were to put a coaster there, if would have to be of either one of two things. 1. Be stretched out, like cheetah hunt 2. Be part of a park expansion We could see the latter happen because the park has already went public stating that they want to use that land for expansion.
  2. [removed because our lord and savior told me so]
  3. ^^ It's good to see a company to (no pun intended) shine light on a unfortunate incident in a memorial.
  4. Forget this Queen>MCR>Green Day>Operation Ivy>Blink-182>The Cure>The Misfits
  5. I guess some people really like the feeling of Vietnam War torture for then to keep this ride. Seriously though, never once has airtime hurt so much.
  6. Watch the Knott's coaster be a hyper super loop (if that's even practical and possible).
  7. Words cannot describe how glad I am they didn't go with the suicide squad theme I thought they were going to go with. (I have no idea why I thought that, though)
  8. Wait, people think Knott's is going (or was going) to remove Sky Cabin?
  9. I don't know it could ONLY be something that we have been talking for the past 2 and a half months. But I'm clueless.
  10. Why did a sarcastic statement I made turned into a legitimate discussion?
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