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  1. TBH, Dragon fire grill has some good choices. It's only place in the park where you can get Asian AND tex-mex!. Plus, a show and AC!
  2. USJ is amazing. Hate to being up nintendo but, that'll prefectly fit here. Great update!
  3. Not weird but, still sad. Once I was queing for Montu and, the people next to me said ''Busch gardens better make a new roller coatser!'' The sad thing is we were RIGHT next to Cobra's Curse!
  4. I don't usually sign petitions but when I do, it's for something I really do support.
  5. I count 8. Here is the layout as I saw it, with inversions in bold. - Indoor drop. - Vertical launch - End of the launch - Outside banked turn - Heartline roll - ~130° drop - Dive loop - First MCBR - Twisted drop - Overbanked turn - Zero-g roll - Outward top-hat - Dive-loop - Second MCBR - +90 Drop - Inside top-hat - Outward top-hat - Dive loop - MCBR - Twisted drop - Pop of air - Overbank - Pop of air - Overbank turn - Large corkscrew I'm still amazed about the variety of elements that the layout offers. I also count approx. 12 airtime moments. This made me appreciate this ride 100000x than I already did. It's gonna have lots of !
  6. I just realized how emo some of these posts are.
  7. Same here. Those Looping Starships are EASILY the worst rides I've done. The lap bar crushes my balls, the OTSRs hurt my chest when leaning into the ride, and the hang time is just uncomfortable. It's just an unpleasant and awful ride. I'm pretty sure this is the only example of me hating lap bars.
  8. It's not biased towards Disney, it's just the truth. As someone who lives in Orlando and lives & breathes the market here, all one has to do is take a walk around Universal, SeaWorld, or any of the other parks that aren't Disney and notice just how many people are still wearing their Disney MagicBands to those parks (because it's also their resort room key) and it's fairly obvious just how many people are in town for Disney, and going to other attractions also. I'm not being negative against any other Orlando attractions, it's just the way things are here. True. I've been to orlando and there is three types of tourist attractions Disney Semi-original Things that gain less traction than disney Disney knock-offs.
  9. They don't care. They don't care at all? Weird. Out of all people being over protective of their ground, I'd think Disney would be the first. I think this explains it pretty well. Because people don't come to Orlando to go to Universal, to go to SeaWorld, to go to Skyplex. They come to Orlando go to to Disney, and then they do those OTHER things as well on their extra days. Disney is the tentpole in this market, always has and always will be. Disney does not even concern themselves with what Universal does (as many people would argue against that) because Disney knows that one of their parks alone gets more attendance than both of Universal's parks combined. Skyplex wouldn't be potentially taking away customers from Disney, they'd be taking it away from Universal. And that's why Disney doesn't care and Universal does. I think what he said maybe a little biased toawrds Disney but, it seems like a pretty good summary. They now they'll pull in the dough whether or not this thing opens. Because, disney just gets everybody in!
  10. They don't care. They don't care at all? Weird. Out of all people being over protective of their ground, I'd think Disney would be the first.
  11. With all the Universal Drama llama crap going on, what side does Disney lay on?
  12. Or basically...we are the Detroit Lions of the amusement park industry? At least the park has more coasters than the Lions have Super Bowl appearances. THIS. : Only in Michigan.
  13. I'm sorry but, Scorpion at BGT is a ride I cannot find enjoyment in.
  14. (which I guess they could do... After all, they still have that backlot right ?)
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