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  1. It's weird to think that not only was there a whizzer in CGA, but they removed it without having ACE members trying to find their home address to stab them in their sleep
  2. I know it's supposed to fit in with the Candy Apple Grove, but what the actual f@ck?! Hopefully, he just got his information is dippin dots employee reliable.
  3. Fiesta Texas has THE best B&M floorless plus a Kickass RMC and arrow mine train. Plus if they do get a GCI next year, IMO they'll be neck to neck with SFOT in terms of coaster collection.
  4. So glad my group chose to ride this than forbidden journey when I went on April. RIP to one of the only airtime moments on a B&M invert
  5. Yeah Linkin Park was nu metal edgy band, but that's a little too close now.
  6. It's weird how out-front Cedar Fair has been when teasing RMCS that they are indeed, from RMC.
  7. Lead singer of Linkin Park; Chester Bennington took his own life
  8. That and Toon Lagoon both feel like a time capsule from the turn of the millennium . While it can be seen as a bad thing I love the vibes you get in places in the Dr Doom's Freefall queue line and the pathways in Toon Lagoon. It's not nostalgic, but it has it's own charm to it.
  9. I'm cool with two motorbikes, but another damn Harry Potter attraction?
  10. A Letter to Elise- Blink-182 (originally by The Cure)
  11. What the hell? Did they get Tom Delonge to do the marketing for this thing whatever the hell this is because they're being so damn cryptic? But to be fair, at least gives the enthusiasts (including myself) to lose their shit analyzing this.
  12. Maybe this is what six flags is doing for their ''record breaking/first of it's kind'' attractions.
  13. (Side note) Why are all of these record credits and favorite credit threads getting bumps?
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