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  1. It wouldn't be so bad because it is in X-Car seats (which Kill anyway). If that inversion was done with OTSR I would imagine a few bruised collarbones and perhaps a few Breaks.
  2. That's a bit weird for the Chilis to have a good support act. 'Mon the Biffy.
  3. I'm an Office Manager for an Independent Bookmaker. Basically I answer phone calls, Update our website and send the heavies round to collect the money. In my spare time I like to bump old topics
  4. Al Murray Demetri Martin Omid Djalili Russell Howard Frankie Boyle Mark Lamarr Michael MacIntyre Mike Birbigula Jack Dee Um, that's about it
  5. the only one I know is Arabian derby. We're racing on the Arabian Derby things are going down, You roll the ball to get the score, the more you roll the more you'll go, We're racing on the Arabian Derby things are going down. I think
  6. Haven't been to a concert for a couple of months (a long time for me) Last one I saw was 'Hyde Park Calling' featuring Aerosmith, Chris Cornell and Jet. Was typical London weather. Rained constantly or the 6 hours I was there, me only wearing a T-Shirt and Shirt. Jet were a good solid start, got the crowd excited despite the conditions. Chris Cornell blew my mind. I had seen him a few times with Audioslave but hearing him sing 'Black Hole Sun' and 'Spoon Man' were a big deal for me seeing as my brother used to play Nirvana, Pixies, Soundgarden constantly in my formative years and shaped the music I now enjoy. Aerosmith were amazing. I wasn't expecting much but they rocked (sorry). The only disappointment was them not playing Dude looks like a lady but due this was most probably due to Time restrictions. I was down the front for them and had a great view, being 6ft 4 (sorry people behind) Prior to that I saw Muse, for the seventh time at Wembley Arena, sitting in the gods you can still see why they are regarded as the Best Live act in britain. Matt Bellamy has improved his showmanship considerably since I first saw them in a 2000 capacity Conference Centre in 2000. Wembley is amazing too,
  7. Not really that much of a Madchester fan, born a few years late I suspect but he did a lot for the scene. Kept Bez off the streets for example
  8. Football (Soccer) - Tottenham Hotspur (Season Ticket Holder at last, yay me) NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers NHL - Tampa Bay Lightning MLB - Tampa Bay Devil Rays Rugby Union - Harlequins Rugby League - Harlequins RL Cricket - Sussex Not really a fan of individual sportsmen but I have a soft spot for Westwood (Golf) Clarke (Golf) Hamilton (F1) Heidfeld (F1) Blake (Tennis)
  9. seconded, I have been on it about 10 times, I still have no idea what it's about
  10. Top stuff. I actually cheered when you got on, and me being a very hateful man who has just been to see his football team get beat that is no easy feat. Your video has touched me in a way I never knew possible.
  11. So you went to old trafford, then wembey, then flew out to Florida and have done all this? you must be knackered
  12. Some brilliant pictures there, I have heard rumours that the 'goat guy' is from a Lordi tribute band, although you could probably shed more light on that then me. Nice to see that you went to the Bernabau, a must do. Seeing as your from Finland I will assume you're a Tottenham Hotspur fan because of the superstar that is Teemu Tainio. Can't wait to see the rest of this report, some excellent captions.
  13. Beautiful theming around the station, any plans on landscaping any of the layout or leaving it as it is so it isn't a complete homage to Maverick? Excellent support work aswell. Are they steelworks supports or a different CS pack? A link (or name) to/of the footers CS pack would be nice aswell. Can't wait to see the next 30%
  14. Or perhaps westerners not understanding and being sympathetic to a persons personal beliefs. In my opinion he should have accepted that the park needed him to wear a helmet to comply with insurance requests. This sounds like just another case of the north American sue-culture.
  15. There are some very low to the ground turns for a wingwalker there.
  16. I'm in love with the skyline. Great job. Still loving the soft focus pictures, and the Gay Pride towers.
  17. I'm guessing your from the south, if so that was a hurricane, regardless of what Michael Fish says
  18. It's definatly the beginners park of the two London Parks but it's still a great place. Themed to the max and spread out nicely. I think it was a shame that Tussaurds felt Thorpe Park should be themore 'extreme' park considering the space problems it has being an 'island' type thing when it looks like Chessington has much more in that area. I can see why they did though, The already had the zoo and there must be Height restrictions. Perhaps the Ropers have a summer home in Surrey?
  19. TP Dave sounds freaking British! The "Northerner" in Loo is much easier to understand. I guess the superior linguistic skills are more defined up there. wow..... just wow
  20. It is sad but how hard is it to realise that if you are in the way of the big heavy fast spinny thing you may get hurt. Sorry if it's a little blunt but it's the truth.
  21. are they allowing groups of teenagers on Bubbleworks again? They should have never have got rid of the smell, that's what makes it what it is, well that and the theme tune. I'm most probably going to go to Thorpe and Chessington in one day to get off ride photos with my season pass, I never bother taking a camera when I go normally so it would be nice to get some shots. I haven't been to Chessington for a while is the Big Wheel the one from Thorpe and does it stand where Samarai used to be?
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