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  1. I use them for sports news but I think the main bonus of them are for indexing sites like www.newsnow.co.uk rather than the average user
  2. Nice TR but I have one problem, Glorious Essex? Must have been a typo
  3. Last time I checked, there aren't any vital organs or arteries in the mouth. Kinda depends what angle he was shot at though doesn't it... not that this is the issue.
  4. Charlton Heston has gone, when can you guys prize that gun from his cold dead hands? Oh, and Blah Blah Blah this will have a negative effect on theme parks because you can't get shot elsewhere
  5. Went there when I was about 9, all it had was a farm and indoor play area with vertical slides. Is that rollercoaster a topless Black Hole from Alton Towers?
  6. went to see tottenham vs anderlecht in brussels in december. it was quite dull.
  7. Who do you support? I'm a Tottenham fan and just got back from Wembley COME ON YOU SPUUUUURS
  8. I don't see why there is need for a looping waterslide, it's not like you will experience the true feeling of going upside down in that enviroment. There has been many times on waterslides I have thought I had gone upside down most notibly in the twisting racer slides. One of my favourite slides was In Burgess Hill UK and it is basically a 'rapid' type attraction starting in the air with little drops but with the force of the water pushing you it is quite weird and ends with a nice splashdown into a plunge pool.
  9. Saying that space can be made with a picture of the giant waste of space Frisbee You must be able to count the number of potential new attractions on one hand now with your policy of not re-using ride styles.
  10. That opposite banked turn looks brilliant, Just hope the restraints lock you in Tight so there is no movement as that looks like a clavicle breaker.
  11. I agree, the Fun of a Master Blaster is going UPhill, not going down a helix like you can on any other tube slide.
  12. This, kids, is a good way to pick up a 2 day ban. Retrospective banning, Harsh
  13. Worst Terra coaster ever, superb Maverick 'inspired' coaster though. Just call a spade a spade. The park looks good but you could do with some actual landscaping in my opinion
  14. My chocolate tastes different to your chocolate. p.s. you're making a mountain out of a pile of wood.
  15. Prarie Rider and Horse Rider aren't the most exciting of names. How about something exciting likie Blazing Saddles, Hotspur or Equinos
  16. what do you mean 'Its annoying how people can have social relationships because of smoking'? I smoke, but never smoke indoors. If I am out in public I will stand out of the way, and exhale out of peoples way.
  17. I was very shocked at the result last night. The Argentina squad all looked overwhelmed during the anthem, a few looked like they were seconds from Tears. But credit to them, they seemed to capitalise on every France mistake and did very well on Defence. This group is wide open now and I can see France missing out. I don't predict any upsets today, although Japan will give the Aussies a good run for their money. Finally I would like to bring up the last RWC...
  18. On UK motorways you will see a HGV block (Travel at the same speed of the open lane) the lane which is due to close 9 times out of 10. There is warning to get over so do it. If not there will be a huge bottle neck at the merge point. Believe it or not it actually speeds up the process overall.
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