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  1. Just what I was thinking. While it is sad, how stupid can you be?! Seriously, what made the person think it was a good idea to cross the station while the ride was in motion? This is something I'd expect in America , and hearing an accident with this much stupidity in another country(let alone Finland) is kind of strange. thirded. I hope they were humming the Indiana Jones theme whilst trying to retrieve the shoe
  2. I feel so dirty that I laughed at jokes made by an Gooner. Couldn't you make it easier for me and take notice of Rory McGrath?
  3. Yellow Submarine Splash Battle How have they got away with it?
  4. I really liked part on of your trip report Flipdude, sorry it kinda got lost in this thread, can't wait to read part 2. And Louise, about my post on the top of the second page, I thought it was pretty obvious that I was being sarcastic. If it wasn't I'll go back to lurking. There is not a bit of England I hate, it is the best country in the world and it would be impossible to hate it. I save my vitriol for Wales
  5. Also don't go confusing anywhere north of London as England, It is infact a complete dump, Only just got electricity by all accounts and their football teams are backwards
  6. Judging by your headwear and promo shots it looks to be the same show as was in London earlier this year, I really recommend it, went for my birthday and had a brilliant time.
  7. excellent work. I didn't really understand the storyline as well as most but the way you moved the park on and 'stuff' was excellent. The closing video was great too but i was a little disapointed that the video didn't end in a suprise but then you can't have everything can you. Congratulations on finishing this project but I still prefer your (proper) parks
  8. Wes you cant say that without explaining it if you want people to believe you I think like someone said earlier it is made out of a hollow foam type thingy with a bit of thread attached to the inside of the head, it then gets pulled down and the monkey slips into the column only to be released after the guests have left. the gap for it to slip into only has to be tiny and the monkey is raised above the eyeline so it doesnt even have to complety diassapear
  9. everyone is preoccupied with the superbowl...in miami. bad idea if you ask me but then i do live in london
  10. OOOH nice work John, I can hear you cackling when murdering the poor ickle patrons...you brute you
  11. thats a lot more impressive then this one: www.jeremyreid.com/
  12. i know this coaster has been talked about before but i just saw a youtube clip which I'd thought you guys would like to see www.uberreview.com/2006/11/video-homemade-roller-coaster-with-360-degree-loop.htm/
  13. Hello, i am a long time lurker - not to many times poster...anyways I was looking for some help in tracking down a photo of a rock by kraken.... It has a weird similarity to flag of a cybernation i belong to Lovely just to let you know I am not a nutcase (which you probably dont believe but whatever, and also sorry for linking to a different website R+E) but i would like a picture if anyone has one or can get one please thankyou muchly and stuff This is a picture of the flag This is a picture of the closest picture i can get of it (courtesy of johnnyupsidedown even though i don't have his permission)
  14. i have an on ride video of the toboggan at winsor safari park if that is what you are talking about
  15. we didnt choose the queen..you chose bush (second time anyway)
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