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  1. Granted, but you get stuck in time, and the coasters still get demolished! I wish I could get to Maine earlier
  2. And it was AWESOME! All the coaster enthusiasts loved it, but the GP didn't care because... (P.S. Happy 200 posts to me! )
  3. So the GP all decided to dig up Canobie Lake. When they did this, they combined the other three parks to create a megapark named Knoebelwinds Over Texas. But...
  4. But the GP thought it was too scary, so they all decided to go to Canobie Lake, however...
  5. Smiler (Alton Towers) This Wild Mouse was planned for New England, but instead, went to another park.
  6. So a flying donkey with a mustache took it and put it in a new park named...
  7. Confusing TTD for KK. So they repaint Kingda Ka with Top Thrill Dragster's color scheme, to avoid all the confusion. Meanwhile at Six Flags Great Adventure...
  8. The "Trump Shake". A dance that gave Donald Trump instant presidency. His first order of business was building a wall around...
  9. Looks nice! I think that Harpy would be a good name for it.
  10. I'll probably be flying Jet Blue in the next six months
  11. I'm going to see Boston, one of my favorite bands, in concert this August!
  12. To make it worse, it is shut down for good the next day! I'm bored right now
  13. I'm sticking with my prediction and am guessing the ride will be named Revolution.
  14. Douglas Slocombe, the cinematographer for three Indiana Jones films, The Lion in Winter and Jesus Christ Superstar, has died at the age of 103 from complications from a fall.
  15. Granted, but you don't know how to and fall to your death I wish I didn't have to go back to school on Tuesday
  16. By the looks of it, a record breaking woodie with an American theme
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