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  1. Granted, but all other games are too. I wish for an exciting 100th post !
  2. They went DLCGE's path and made all other parks a part of it to please the GP, which lead to...
  3. Refusing to breathe for 5 minutes. What's worse than having school on the weekend?
  4. Granted, but everyone else is your enemy. I wish all the snow would melt.
  5. Never... I rode one Hopkins and one traveling model . When was the last time you saw a movie?
  6. Granted, but winter comes a few days after summer starts. I wish it was spring.
  7. Yes. Do you want spring to come sooner?
  8. Granted, but it will take weeks to install. I wish Gourdirix gets replaced with a B&M hyper.
  9. Dairen Lake Compounce's Great Escape, which was SO popular it made all other theme parks merge into it, which started...
  10. Water Country-Portsmouth, NH: The slides are AMAZING! If I had to choose, Dragon's Den, The bowl slide, is my favorite. The food is good too, it's difficult to choose my favorite item, though. HONORABLE MENTION: Water Wizz-Wareham, MA:Has a fair amount of slides, some good, some not so great. The food is pretty good as well, the chicken fingers are the best at any water park I've been to.
  11. Granted, but you still lose, and you do every time you play. I wish more parks would open in the New England area.
  12. Granted, but you go to Antarctica (You didn't say which kind of cool). I wish I would never have any homework.
  13. Granted, but it's a kiddie coaster. I wish I could go to Florida.
  14. Granted, but you won't get anymore snow days until your graduating year. I wish that we'd got out of school earlier (last day is June 26th ).
  15. I'll order a cheeseburger, fries and some Coke.
  16. Granted, but a tornado comes along and destroys everything. I wish my wish would not be backfired.
  17. Looks good, but Captain America is owned by Marvel, and Six Flags doesn't own rights to Marvel, so change the top spin's name to Wonder Woman, or something along those lines. (sorry, it's just my biggest pet peeve and couldn't handle not to tell)
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