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  1. I'm guessing this is where Cedar Fair will come into the picture.
  2. Turned the entire park into a taco. It was very good, so everyone at the park ate it and loved it, but...
  3. Keeping TGA and GP in mind, as well as the situation as of now, I'm guessing Cedar Fair will buy the park and remove Pipeline.
  4. When an amusement park is built in the Boston area
  5. Granted, but the ship will sink. I wish holiday break came early.
  6. A flying donkey came and bought it, and built a new coaster at Cedar Point, which was...
  7. It's a hypercoaster, because he mentioned he rode his first one at this park in the beginning.
  8. Looks like a GCI to me. Maybe an RMC because those were making their debut in this time period, but I doubt it.
  9. Really?! The coaster is great, but the name, I can't stand. They now have 3, that's right,3 coasters named after some kind of storm!!! They have Thunder Run, Lightning Run, and now Storm Chaser?!?! I was hoping for something like Revenge of the Twins, but this?!?!?! I'm clearly not amused.
  10. Here is the closest city to me with a skyline. Good ol' Boston
  11. Granted, but the line is 4 hours long, and when you get your ride, the car gets stuck on the top and you don't get rescued until 3 hours later. I wish I didn't lose all my Robux on Roblox.
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