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  1. Awesome! I've made a couple of memes to celebrate this special occasion...
  2. Rapper XXXTentacion at the age of 20. Not much of a rap person myself, but still a shock
  3. Yet another talented musician gone too soon, this time Scott Hutchinson of the band Frightened Rabbit.
  4. Which worked, but the GP thought the coaster was too edgy. Instead, they rode...
  5. Granted, but you can never ride another coaster again I wish for nice weather
  6. Those are some expensive prices they've got!
  7. Granted, but the house catches on fire I wish I didn't have to do algebra
  8. Granted, but it ends up getting scrapped, like Dragon Challenge I wish I wasn't tired all of the time
  9. The bacon was moldy, so they had to use something else. Eventually, they decided to make it out of...
  10. Granted, but off season goes twice as slow next year I wish that I had money for visiting parks this summer
  11. This may be a bit off-topic, but CNN 10, the news program I watch at school, made a short segment at the end of one of their videos talking about Wonder Woman. Not to mention, the anchor throws in a few terrible puns as well https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/11/cnn10/ten-content-mon/index.html (the clip starts at 9:02)
  12. Granted, but it's a kiddie coaster, and it replaces Steel Vengeance I wish Spring would come sooner
  13. Not necessarily a coaster meme, but something Robb should definitely consider adding to the site
  14. Granted, but it's a Togo I wish I had electricity at my house
  15. Granted, but it brings along fleas I wish that I could go sledding right now
  16. Granted, but all other parks open for one day only I wish I was still on February Vacation
  17. Because the world would run out of metal, and have to resort to giving the winners dirt Why is the earth not flat?
  18. I stayed up until 3 am last night doing ... nothing
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