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  1. Granted, but they go bankrupt a year after being bought I wish I didn't have to do my book report.
  2. More Bizzaro clones would be AWESOME !!! I know it would probably never happen, but i'd still love it!
  3. You'd be on some other website right now! What if AstroWorld was bought by Cedar Fair?
  4. So spicy it's on fire! What's worse than no vacation?
  5. I like it, it's creative. (Oh, and happy birthday! I saw it below.)
  6. Granted, but they move before you can go again. I wish Arrow built more pipeline coasters.
  7. Granted, but all other parks ban POVs. I wish my birthday was on vacation.
  8. Granted, but it receives poor reviews and is taken off shelves before you can get yours. I wish for a Happy Easter!
  9. Granted, but now you have homework every day! I wish for warm weather.
  10. I go hiking in the woods, not on a mountain. Granted, but a burglar steals all your money. I wish for more freetime.
  11. In the picture with everyone in the park running, I see a panther. Was that supposed to be a black horse?
  12. Granted, but it takes up almost all your family's money to build it. I wish to go hiking.
  13. ^ I have some of those in my room. I got them at a yard sale.
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