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  1. LOTS of chaos and rioting, so Six Flags became Cedar Fair 3 to try and stop the commotion which leaded too...
  2. Granted, but you don't graduate your class. I wish the weather forecast for the next few days was in the 70's-90's range.
  3. Granted, but it tastes like milk from the year 100. I wish that all Six Flags parks getting super loops would announce a real coaster in their place.
  4. Granted, but its VERY hard, and you will have a test on it tomorrow I wish my vacation was longer.
  5. Granted, but they are so little that you can only fit 1 food item. I wish I had a time machine.
  6. You'd die after riding one of their coasters. What if all Larson Super Loop rides were called "Roller Coasters"?
  7. It's my School break and I have to do a Social Studies project, wasting my free time .
  8. Being a slave before the Civil War. What's worse than CP being bought by Six Flags?
  9. Here are my 2 cats: Boston and Marbles. Boston is black with a little white, while Marbles is all black. Boston is an indoor cat, who always gets scared when outdoors, and loves to relax by the fireplace, while Marbles is the complete opposite: An outdoor cat who only comes in to eat and drink.
  10. Here's mine: Cedar Point Holiday World Six Flags Magic Mountain Coney Island (Luna Park) King's Dominion Alton Towers Carowinds Hersheypark Holiday Park Dreamworld
  11. Granted, But you will meet new ones that just signed up a few hours ago. I wish I could run my own park.
  12. Granted, but it is a stupid one. I wish I could change the weather and make it sunny out (lots of snow outside).
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