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  1. Name: Shaun Town: Texas Friend Code: 5327-5144-9726 Fruit: Pear
  2. You just have to be at the right place at the right time.
  3. Are there any actual haunt pictures in your haunt trip report?
  4. Town Name: Texas Name: Shaun Friend Code: 2363-7998-9778 Somebody PLEASE visit my town, I'm so bored.
  5. When California Screamin' bumped at like 10 mph(if that), they still pulled both of the trains. Then again, it is Disney and this is Six Flags. With that said, I still have no idea what the hell to think of this.
  6. That ride was confusing, I'm not really disappointed that they got rid of it. At least I got the credit.
  7. If by really cool you mean the best, then, yes. It looks really cool.
  8. That's actually just a really well photoshopped picture of monorail red. But it probably looks almost just like that. Word is that Red will be running on Thursday, I plan on being there.
  9. I'm gonna add something. I've been watching this too long to let it die.
  10. In addition to Viper running 3 trains on Saturday, Colossus was doing the same. Two black trains and one red. It was amazing.
  11. Which set of stairs is it? One of the exit stairs or the boiler room stairs?
  12. I rode it in its original state and it was the best water slide I have ever been on. Period.
  13. Wow. Almost every maze/scare zone listed was derived from KSF.
  14. No, thats not really very big. And besides, they can make money at those places so why close one for a maze that in a sense makes no money. So under Xcelerator seems like it will work just fine, the maze will just have to have a VERY loud soundtrack a la TerrorVision.
  15. Its a T-rex fighting a whale and a giant squid in the middle of the ocean. It is the most epic thing you will ever see.
  16. No, that doesn't happen. They just ask you different scenarios, like: What would you do if a guest hit you? Or What would you do if a guest started yelling at you?
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