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  1. Incorrect. That song was used in the promo video, not the station.
  2. Nothing. The waters part and you go through it. Then some fog comes out and you look at it. The End. I liked it a lot better when they made you part the red sea. I also wish they showed you this before you did the "Good Kong" part. So that then it wouldnt be that much of a let down.
  3. Vapor Trail Confusion/Blood Rave Shes My Pusher. The 4th song is unknown but Im checking on the song posted above me. EDIT: I just checked on the one posted above me and its not it.
  4. Dear Animal Kingdom, Please give us back all of our Harold souvieniers, people arent that stupid that they wont realize theyre different.
  5. The smaller one looks like it has some kinda Intamin with a cable lift.
  6. I would if: 1. My pass wasnt blocked out tomorrow. 2. My brakes worked correctly.
  7. Dude...shut up. Flashback is a bad ass ride. It beats up people up it doesnt like, which is everyone. But one day when we were playing in the meadow it told me its secret and it never beat me up again. Pudding.
  8. DUDE!! You look like a crazy old man/ beach hobo. Thats so awesome.
  9. Heres a picture of me during an exclusive interview.
  10. Hi, I have 2 posts and I already suck. BLAH BLAH BLAH.
  11. They have one in the Starcade at Disneyland.
  12. Well my home park is knotts so no, it used to be but not anymore. Now its the disneyland resort, close enough.
  13. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v289/mom4tav/atticpiratepicapril003.jpg
  14. The Blues re appear when your between the top clowds and the mountain. Also theres a bar that displays what specials are up. The thing about the stop chick special is that if its lit up and your about to hit it and you touch the ground first and then hit it on the bounce then it cancels it out, youll just stop. But its probably the best special ever too.
  15. Isnt that the water park that had the looping water slide?
  16. Im pretty sure thats just a list of the rides that are down right now.
  17. Your sis dont look too bad. But shes probably way too young for me.
  18. http://www.geocities.jp/lledoece/nanaca-crash.html This is seriously the greatest game ever. Some people dont immediatley figure out that you can hold down your mouse button once you get your angle...so yeah you can. Try and beat my hi score of 7359.56 m. Good luck!
  19. I went on it in 2005 and I rode in the back car row 1. And I expected the worst ride ever and well...I came off rather pleased. It had a few rough moments but it really wasnt that bad. I thought there were a lot of vibrations but I didnt care. The bunny hops are pointless too. In fact Im even smiling in my on ride photo.
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