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  1. He was born in the early 90s. How can he remember something from the early 90s?
  2. Silver Bullet looks great. The track isnt silver but I think Silver track would look pretty ugly, thus we have silver supports. The trains arent silver either but they still look great if you ask me. The Silver Bullet area also has theming in it.
  3. Is cars one of those trackless flat rides like Francis' Ladybug Boogie at DCA?
  4. My opinions on DCAs tower. 1. The hallway inbetween the door and the elevator. I honestly forget that its there. I've been on it almost 50 times (I'm at 49 right now) and I usually just forget that the hallway even exists. 2. The Mirror Scene. I love the mirror scene. Some people complain saying that its just the thermal imaging scene from test track. So? That doesn't make it bad. I think its a really cool effect, mostly because its interactive and the elevator you see is actually a real car. 3. The corridor scene. I prefer ours because it doesnt have a Twilight Zone intro reference in it (window smashing). I think its kinda cheese and I love the way that ours sets up for the drop. 4. The Drop. I admit that ours needs a profile update and we are supposed to be getting one this summer with the debut of rockit mountain. And yes it is the random drop sequences. 5. The lack of 5th dimension. I think the 5th dimension is kinda a wtf effect. And just inserts more stuff from the twilight zone intro into the ride, which it doesnt need. The lack of it also makes it more reliable since you can make it go down if you drop a map onto it. 6. The boiler room. I will admit that I would love if if it was darker. But I still love it. Its HUGE. I also like Mr. Boiler mostly because of the symbolism. Its obviously a face but the ladder represents a tear because of the current state of the hotel. Also you can see that the person inside the furnace died. 7. The flaws of DCAs tower. a. The elevators are in the wrong spot. You enter from the front but the elevators are to your right, there should also be three. b. You move backwards into the original shafts. Thats not right, however, MGMs doesnt work right either. 8. The flaws of MGMs tower. a. You move forward from the service elevator shaft into the original shaft. The Service elevator would not have to move forward THAT much. b. Sign placement. If the sign were originally right there it wouldnt be there anymore because that part of the building got blown up.
  5. Oh, I just thought I would warn those of you going to the campout that if you fall asleep I am going to take a huge piss on you. And Robb told me that he might drape his sack on you. So dont fall asleep. You have been warned.
  6. Ugh, I dont know why you dont believe me but its fo real.
  7. Too bad it wasn't. Jewy sent it to me last night and he found it on their myspace group. Then I sent it to Robb, you can all thank me and Jewy for it as soon as you feel necessary. And I would also take Ariel, I have a huge thing for red heads, especially HOT ones. EDIT: I just thought I would add this, you can only see them at Disneyland.
  8. To me it really all depends on what your riding. And I dont feel like listing all my favorites so Ill just do a few. Silver Bullet: Front Seat outside right seat. Space Mountain: Front BTMRR: Back Screamin: Front Hades: Back Cyclops: Back Ninja (Sfstl): Front Boomerang: Car 4 (the real vekoma seat on boomerangs) X: Car 4, Car 7, or Car 1 (all stair side) Thats just a few, but to me it really all depends on the coaster.
  9. I thought only Tower and Screamin could have rap videos...oh well.
  10. ^^ Man you know you loved it. Mine was Tomorrowland side of Matterhorn on Tuesday.
  11. Do you know who makes the water ride? Im guessing its Vekoma cause you said it has a huge lap bar, which both JPs do.
  12. The reason why "EVIL TOWER UR DOOMED" wasn't seen is because it was never meant to be there. CMs would open it up and put it in there and then every day maintenance or imagineers would have to put it back the way it was supposed to be. I dont want to nit pick their tower but MGMs sign is in the wrong place. It should be gone because thats where the original shafts would have been, note how dcas are above them. But then again, DCAs elevators are in the wrong spot and theres only 2 of them.
  13. What would it be themed to? A microscope? Something about organs?
  14. If you were a rollercoaster you would suck cause you wouldn't be fun, your last 2 posts already proved you have no sense of humor. If I was a flat ride I would have spikes and if people complained about me being painful I would stab them.
  15. ^^ Yeah yours sucks too, a wheel isnt hair, unless you got a flat top and its shaved into it.
  16. Um yeah I think you mean. EDIT: Oh well you got it anyways.
  17. If you were a roller coaster you would be boring and you would suck cause your bald.
  18. You can easily do both parks if you know how to take advantage of fastpass and the single rider line. Rides with fastpass: Space Mountain Indiana Jones Adventure Haunted Mansion Splash Mountain Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Select days) Autopia Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin California Screamin Soarin Over California Tower of Terror Mulholland Madness Grizzly River Run Rides with Single Rider Splash Mountain California Screamin Grizzly River Run Mulholland Madness Soarin Over California Maliboomer So yeah, that should make it alot easier to do both parks. Also Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spins fastpass machines arent connected to the rest of the fast pass machines so you can over lap the times, same with a few of the BTMRR ones. What Im about to tell you isnt exactly allowed but I would reccomend it if necessary. Most fastpass machines have a button somewhere on it so it can spit out a fast pass without you putting a ticket in. If a CM sees you do it they will usually take away your Fastpass so you have to be really careful. I would try to ride as many rides as possible because a lot of the stuff at WDW is different in some way.
  19. If I were a roller coaster I would walk around all the time and beat up kids, my name would be Wallace, I would have some mad ass dredlocks or a mullet.
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