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  1. I don't see how 1 bad thing can spoil the day. Shit happens and if you can let one thing ruin your day then you really need to lighten up and still try to have fun. I've never really had to work with guests that intensely besides at haunt but its not always that easy to control people. You can try but they wont always listen. Sometimes its just easier to ignore the situation and let it fizzle out than to intervene and escalate it.
  2. Select the second station and go to the track list option and click brakes, then click the transform button. There you go.
  3. Yeah seriously. And also..why the hell was the train 4 cars, and the station with like 22 loading gates. WTF? Also the ending was so pointless. You should have gotten rid of that and split the station to add brakes.
  4. Im so glad that Ghostrider is down for rehab. Last time I rode it was worse than Psyclone EVER was.
  5. He also does the voice for the Subway announcement.
  6. If you multiply that date by 2 you get 6-6-66 on that date the world will end due to Kristen being the anti christ. God Save Us All.
  7. City Walk has Tommys!, So why would you want to eat in the park?
  8. Dude, when I saw the title of this thread I was sure it was gonna be a PTR. Now I'm disappointed.
  9. Steel: X, Six Flags Magic Mountain Wood: Hades, Mt Olympus Tower: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Disneys California Adventure Tied with Big Shot, Stratosphere Tower. Spinning: La Revolucion, Knotts Berry Farm Water: Splash Mountain, Disneyland Dark: Haunted Mansion, Disneyland
  10. I prefer RCS over RSM for one reason. RCS actually makes sense. I like the concept of RSM but It confuses the hell out of me.
  11. Here. Also, It seems like they're taking that turn a little bit slower now.
  12. Red, Blue, Green, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange
  13. Ill post a link to my NLDC. http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/p3122
  14. Are you running 1.6? Cause Im on 1.5 so it doesnt run with improved friction. EDIT: BTW, I appreciate your honesty. Honesty helps people become greater.
  15. Why does it have those supports? If it were real the ride wouldn't be able to stand.
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