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  1. Yeah so Im going to Raging Waters this Saturday and I really want to take pictures while on the slides but I dont want to ruin my camera. I know that you did some cheep ghetto way to waterproof yours and Id like to do the same.
  2. Space Mountain at Disneyland. 2 greeters (fastpass and standby). 1 fastpass merge 1 or 2 groupers 3 (1 for each dispatch panel) 2 for tower So thats the average. 10. Ive seen more though.
  3. Dude I love Culvers. Cheese Curds own your soul.
  4. I dont see any ducks. I dont believe you!
  5. This is probably one of the most blatant displays of fanboyism that Ive ever seen in my life...but at least its not as bad as the comic strip....
  6. Yeah so, I was gonna go get the fondue today. But I was tired and lazy and didnt feel like getting it when I got off work. Even though I would have had to walk like 20 feet. I think its pretty funny. Cause now she has to wait even longer. HA HA!!!
  7. I'm gonna mail her two. But one of them will have a poison in it. And the other one will be normal.
  8. Yes, Robb was all for it. Elissa on the other hand...
  9. Yeah so. After that happened I started to think of genius ideas to torment Elissa. Like taking pictures of me at work holding fondue and going on an adventure with it (that part was robbs idea). Then I thought it would be awesome if I bought some ate it and took pictures of me eating it. And then the idea of not cooking it but just take pictures of me dumping it out so that then she knows that she will NEVER get to eat the fondue. And then Dan sends me an im saying Run cause shes getting back on. Elissa (10:05:46 PM): I'm so going to get your ass fired if you don't get me my fucking fondue! KSFCptnAwesome (10:05:57 PM): yeah right KSFCptnAwesome (10:06:44 PM): so do you like my ideas? Especially the one about sending you an empty container of it Elissa (10:10:31 PM): DIE KSFCptnAwesome (10:11:10 PM): I thought of another bad ass idea. I just buy some and then take pictures of me dumping it down the drain. Then NOBODY gets to eat it, but mostly just not you Elissa (10:13:23 PM): I'm just going to go find some on my own, freeze it, then WHACK you in the head with it! After that it got pretty graphic and I cant expose the truth about her just yet. Even more details coming soon....
  10. Okay so, Im talking to Robb about.. That thing, and all of a sudden Robbs all like: RobbAlvey (9:31:40 PM): OH!!!! RobbAlvey (9:31:49 PM): Elissa wants you to get her fondue! KSFCptnAwesome (9:31:54 PM): wtf RobbAlvey (9:31:57 PM): FUCK YOU! KSFCptnAwesome (9:32:00 PM): from where? RobbAlvey (9:32:03 PM): GET HER FONDUE BITCH!!!!! RobbAlvey (9:32:13 PM): Dan sucks so you're her only hope. RobbAlvey (9:32:20 PM): ok, now do you want the back story? KSFCptnAwesome (9:32:26 PM): I dont even know if Vons has any... KSFCptnAwesome (9:32:27 PM): sure RobbAlvey (9:32:43 PM): ok you know she's fucked when it comes to her stupid eating habits KSFCptnAwesome (9:32:52 PM): yeah RobbAlvey (9:33:27 PM): ok, so she's found this Fondue at our local Vons, it's the "Safeway brand - Swiss Fondue." RobbAlvey (9:33:33 PM): and for whatever reason our store has been out of it RobbAlvey (9:33:47 PM): so she bought out ALL THE FREAKING FONDUE from all the stores in Santa Clarita!!!! RobbAlvey (9:33:53 PM): yes, she is THAT fucking insane. KSFCptnAwesome (9:33:55 PM): WHAT THE HELL RobbAlvey (9:33:57 PM): and now there isn't any left! RobbAlvey (9:34:04 PM): they keep telling her "it's on order it will be back." RobbAlvey (9:34:08 PM): but there is no more! KSFCptnAwesome (9:34:10 PM): if she came to my register I would be like "no" RobbAlvey (9:34:20 PM): LMAO! KSFCptnAwesome (9:34:30 PM): I would just tell herno KSFCptnAwesome (9:34:33 PM): **her no KSFCptnAwesome (9:34:42 PM): I mean, I like fondue, but is it really that good RobbAlvey (9:34:47 PM): even if she was all like crazy and insane? KSFCptnAwesome (9:34:55 PM): yes RobbAlvey (9:34:59 PM): dude, she only eats like 7 things! RobbAlvey (9:35:26 PM): And Dan's faggy store doesn't have a brand of fondue she likes And then I get an IM from Elissa saying: Elissa (9:34:55 PM): YOU SUCK...GET ME MY DAMN FONDUE VONS BITCH! And then Dan sends me an IM: Dan (9:35:09 PM): TELL THE BITCH THE ONLY FONDUE SHES GOING TO GET IS FROM YOUR PANTS! So I send those to robb, I guess he thinks its awesome THAT SHE WANTS TO KILL ME! RobbAlvey (9:36:02 PM): awesome RobbAlvey (9:36:16 PM): we would have had a fondue party tonight, but NOOOOO you didn't get her the fondue! KSFCptnAwesome (9:36:35 PM): what would she do if I like, mailed some And then after that it gets graphic. But anyways, I'm pretty damn scared...
  11. I rode it in 2000 and I thought it was okay. I didnt like the trains very much.
  12. Yeah so Andy (CKYLunatic) did an update since he lives in Denver now. Its pretty awesome. You can see it Here. Enjoy.
  13. Yeah, I havent uploaded the newer pictures of USH so I decided to do this one as a filler. Check it out Here
  14. You must have just done it or are still doing it cause you havent shown up yet. But its okay to be jealous. Its only the best B&M ever. EDIT: I just validated your account.
  15. http://www.waydd.net/tatsu.html Yeah....here it is and stuff....
  16. Oh okay, I guess Ill just split this topic into that one...Oh wait I cant.... You might as well have just told a mod to do it. Cause telling me where I should have put it is pretty damn pointless when I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
  17. I would rather have re-invented attractions than nothing at all. Im extremely looking forward to Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage since I only got to ride the original once. I also LOVE Monsters Inc. The invasion scene is just AMAZING and its pretty much a million times better than Superstar Limo. Im sure that eventually Disneyland will get something completely new but until then I hope they bring back some of the attractions that used to exist that havent been taken over by something else yet. I really hope that they end up getting something back on the tomorrowland tracks since the area now lacks the kinetic movement unless you count the observatron.
  18. So with the nasa exhibit was it like: IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE BUTTERFLIES RUN ON BATTERIES!! and then like, a robot arm tucks a child in and kids learn the same lesson at the same time in los angeles, miami, new york and seattle? And then the Connors hack into the system and then you say HI KIMBERLY!!!?? Cause that would be awesome.
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