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  1. Hey Craig, thats me groping the monster chub, not Kyle.
  2. Coaster/Ride Shirts: Ghostrider Xcelerator Riptide Viper X Scream Park Shirts: Solace 04 Solace 05 Solace 06 Halloween Haunt 2005 (2) Halloween Haunt 2004 (2) PGA Coaster Freak shirt Shirts that could count as park shirts: Red Beards Revenge (Shirt and Sweatshirt) 2005 Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns 2005 Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns 2004 Yeah, I'm basically a huge nerd.
  3. I felt so nerdy for tieing for second with EBL, its too bad I didn't yell out the names I made up for the ride world people cause then I would've had it. Oh, and my injury was from me playing Taiko Drum Master, I missed the drum and my "F" finger hit the arm rest on the chair and I bled all over the place and they had to hire a carpet cleaner and I had to go to the hospital and now I have a robotic finger, I namded it Marge... Shaun "John Clydesdale and Rick Fericfa" Brookhyser
  4. Yeah, the party was pretty bad ass. Also according to Robb I was the first person to get an injury at one of his parties, I'm so proud of myself.
  5. Judging by the construction photos the layout is gonna be: Station, turn, lift hill, drop, inside raven, full-full, luge turn, outside raven....after that I have no idea what its gonna be.
  6. Im guessing that well meet up around 9 or something or possibly before since they let you in well before it opens. If you ask me a good meeting spot would be the left tunnel since most people enter through the right so it should be less traffic than that of the right tunnel or infront of the flowers. Ill probably be getting there around 8:45. After that Im not sure what we should do. But I already claim the duty of unofficial tour guide for the day. 8)
  7. Heh, I'll be there those days too, but I'm just gonna be at DCA on monday. Me and one of my friends are gonna ride tower ALL day. Unfortunatley I think that some schools might be starting their spring breaks that week so it might be kinda crowded, thus the 9 am - 11 pm opening and closing times. But it should still be a good day, we can't let crowds ruin the day. Besides, I know someone at Space so we can probably get a few fastpasses for it. -Shaun
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