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  1. Cedar Point is the only park that offers it, but you can use it as many times as you want per season.
  2. It should be less than that actually, Platinum passholders get a free upgrade to plus with purchase of a regular fastlane. Should end up being around 190.
  3. This is the best order to do things in terms of how popular/busy the mazes are. Trick or Treat Infected Paranormal Voodoo Tooth Fairy Red Barn Dark Ride Shadowlands Pumpkin Eater. If you want to do any of the backstage mazes again then just wait until after 12, it tends to die down by then.
  4. It does, it's just horribly inaccurate. I used it on Sunday and all the backstage mazes were listed at 0 min waits. Nope, most were around 30 with the exception of Trick or Treat which was about an hour and a half.
  5. Does the game always run this badly? The physics don't seem to make any sense. It looks like it's going the same speed at the peak of hills and at the bottom of them. Nice layout though, I'm just perplexed by the game itself.
  6. Despite it being common knowledge, it should probably be stickied. Honestly surprised that you didn't sticky or announce it. Dude, this coaster looks amazing. I could spend hours just looking at all the RMCs people are building in this game.
  7. I would personally just build a new one, but if you want to budget it, you could swap out some parts if everything isn't integrated. Surprisingly, the game only requires 2 gigs of ram, and a 2.4 ghz dual core. So what's slowing you down could be the graphics. If you have an open pci slot I would recommend getting a GTX 750 ti, which runs for about 129.99, though I have seen it go as low as 99.99. I have also seen videos of people putting one into a prebuilt computer. Hope that helps.
  8. This right here is a tarantula hawk, and they have the second most painful sting known to man. If you see one, stay away.
  9. Despite the similarities, this is not a recreation of DCA or Paradise Pier. SCR2.BMP SCR3.BMP SCR4.BMP
  10. Does anyone here have the launch tunnel from Incredible Hulk? I don't know what the dat is, but I know it's three separate pieces.
  11. Area Overview: The Bronze Age While you won't find any rides dealing with drug use, alcoholism, or environmental pollution in this area, you will find a wide assortment of rides based on characters that were prominent in this age. SCR2 (2).BMP The entrance for The Bronze Age rests underneath a portion of track from Green Lantern. SCR3 (2).BMP The lift hill for Green Lantern with the entrances for Aquaman and Mera (topspins) SCR4 (2).BMP Aquaman and Mera are both situated on a body of water, while the rides are in motion they get perilously close to each other, as if they're swimming in the ocean, tactfully fighting off Black Manta or some other foe. SCR6 (2).BMP The third vertical drop with the splashdown finale in the background. SCR7 (2).BMP The second vertical drop, a portion of it intertwines with Wonder Woman: The Ride. SCR12.BMP The first drop features a dive underneath the midway and a vertical ascent into a twist. SCR8.BMP It's not just heroes at Six Flags DC Universe, The Riddler's Revenge makes its home in The Bronze Age. SCR9.BMP The Layout, the landscape is still being worked on. SCR10.BMP A look at Wonder Woman: The ride as it's about to dive under Superman and Bizarro.
  12. Thanks, it's mostly because I altered so much of the terrain on the outskirts of the park. I added an entire area next to where Viper would be by flattening a ton of the hills. I'll show what I'm talking about in later updates, I'm mostly working on landscaping and attempting to add more buildings, which I'm not that great at.
  13. This park started as me messing around with the existing SFMM scenario, and doing things that the park would never do (alter land). I randomly started adding more and more DC rides to the park that I decided to just rename the whole park. The park is very very much a work in progress despite me working on it for over a year. I've just started working on trying to "zone" the park into different areas, which is difficult when you have so many different characters in an area. With that said, here is a glimpse at what the park is so far. SCR8.BMP Superman has been changed into Superman/Bizarro with each side themed to their respective character. SCR5.BMP Wonder Woman: The Ride. Which would be a launched wing rider, but since the park is from the scenario, it's just a sit down. SCR3.BMP Revolution has been changed into "Star Spangled Kid", it resides in "The Golden Age" SCR5.BMP The Gotham Park area, which would be about where the Goliath plaza is. SCR6.BMP Nightwing SCR1.BMP And I randomly built Jurassic Park River adventure in the park. Not sure if I'm going to keep it.
  14. The magic has left the mountain, enter the DC Universe!! SCR7.BMP SCR9.BMP SCR8.BMP
  15. I have a single section of station track that can't be right clicked that needs to be deleted. It's showing up in the layout despite it not being connected to anything. Any ideas on what I should do?
  16. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Mexico is part of North American and they have at least one wooden coaster. EDIT: Oh crap you did hit it. Good job.
  17. Is that Matthew Broderick or Mike Meyers? None of the Above?
  18. <-- Listening to Holy Diver right now.
  19. I really really hope that the real one dispatches at a faster speed than 1 mph.
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