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  1. There's a motel 6 not far from the park. And Vallejo isn't THAT bad. The motel 6 is pretty close to the freeway, maybe 5-10 minutes drive from the park.
  2. Quality Inn Santa Clara Convention Center is not bad. I stayed there a couple years ago. Cheap, clean.... about all you can ask for, and maybe 5 minutes drive from the park
  3. what's wrong with the track? was it damaged during building/removal of the Rocket Rods? The queue I was referring to was just what is visible on the loading area, still seen from Monorail and other places
  4. Just such a bummer. The track is still there, the queue is still there.... Someone who knows Star Wars more could think of a way to theme this to Star Wars, no?
  5. Totally off topic here, but I can't be the only one who wishes they would bring back the people movers when they re do Tomorrowland. I never got on the Rocket Rods, but was always a fan of the People Movers as a kid
  6. Last Wednesday. Goofy's Sky School at DCA. When was the last time you hated a ride when getting off of it?
  7. Space Mountain at Disneyland. Still one of my all time favorites
  8. 1994 Dodge Shadow (precursor to the Neon basically). It was a darker shade of baby blue, and had a fancy AM/FM radio, roll up windows, and manual locks. But it was MIIIIINE!
  9. did not view it no. Just walked by it several times while on the way up the ramp to Space Mountain. I've seen it so many times at this point (and never really liked it that much in the first place, except as a kid when the whole 3D thing by itself was cool), it holds no interest to me at all.
  10. I was there last week (3 days). Now, it may just have been my timing, but every time I walked by the Captain EO queue, there was no one waiting there at all. I can't remember another trip where I didn't see people lining up for the next showing at least one time
  11. did anyone else get the "GoodOne" survey? What a stupid name that is haha. Though, I woulnd't say no to some healthier food options
  12. Captain EO has lived well past it's second prime and definitely needs to be replaced. I'd much rather just see a short animated feature in there than the 30 year old Captain EO
  13. ^What's your first least favorite? For me, Medusa and S:UF are neck and neck, V2 is next, followed by Kong, then Roar, then Boomerang
  14. I seriously think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't mind Kong at all.
  15. Last minute trip booked! Be down there next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Can't wait for BTMR!
  16. I'm remember them saying they were going to do it last year, but every time I went to the park it was spinning forwards
  17. My parents took my sister and I to Disneyland when I was not quite 5 years old. I don't remember much of the trip to be honest, but I remember Space Mountain vividly and being absolutely in love with it. To this day, it's still one of my favorite coasters. My first upside down coaster was the Demon at California's Great America (Marriott's Great American then). My dad works for Bank of America, and every year they would have a Bank of America employees and families only day. I never had any fear really, and was hooked after the first ride.
  18. If they do add a StarFlyer, while it would fit into the theming in CCF, I would prefer them to put it over on the other side of the park, maybe even back where DejaVu used to be (although you wouldn't be able to see it as well from the freeway). I agree that having it TOO close to the Superman/LL tower wouldn't look right. Maybe they could find room sorta near X2/Viper for it? Then either side of the park would have HUGE towers. Because, let's face it, if they do put in a StarFlyer, it's going to be 400ft tall at least.
  19. That, and the fact that the actual YouTube video link says pretty clearly that it's the Gurnee one.
  20. Unfortunately, SFDK doesn't own Lake Chabot, so expanding into that area/having rides interact with the water isn't something that's feasible. There isn't really anywhere for the park to expand to, unless they were to somehow purchase some of the land from the fairgrounds across the street. My guess is that if they ever do that, it will be to build the long rumored water park, since having the park on two sides of the main road there would be pretty difficult.
  21. Home park is SFDK. There's a few things I'd love to see them add. First, they really need a drop ride of some sort. I know they've got the 150ft height restriction, which limits things a little bit, but why not install an Intamin Ballistic Tower? There is room tucked back kind of behind Roar and S:UF. You can theme it to Bizarro to fit in with Superman and have it launch you both up and down. EVERY park needs a drop ride of some sort IMHO. I also think they badly need a dark ride, preferably of the interactive variety from Sally. Taking a look at their website, it looks like they've already made a Justice League themed one. Or bring back the 4D theater with either a Justice League or Safari themed movie. People talk like SFDK is land locked, but there is definitely room to add a few key rides that could really complete the park. Of course I'd love to see them take out Kong (though I'm one of the few that doesn't HATE this ride) and use this space (along with some of the employee parking lot and some other unused space) and install a B&M flyer with a bald eagle theme. Sadly... I don't see this happening anytime soon.
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