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  1. With West Coast Bash today, I really wanna know what Robb thinks of TC now that he's ridden it. How does it compare to other RMCs?
  2. Technically Viper does still hold that record in the US, but Scream also has that many inversions. Shit, they could build something with 8 or 9 to take its place. Ninja better not go anywhere though. That's one of my favorite non-inverting coasters ever, and its extremely unique
  3. While I don't hate Viper, if we had to nominate a coaster for removal, that would definitely be it. They could put something pretty amazing in it's spot. Don't think we see it removed though until after the 50th anniversary. I'm convinced they want 20 coasters for this, and #20 is going to be some sort of record breaker. My money is on either a 450ft poler coaster surrounding an all new observation tower, or a custom RMC that breaks the speed or length barrier for a woody.
  4. If having themed merchandise, parades, balloons, etc from a hugely successful feature film is irritating to you, then I'm not sure Disney Parks are a good fit for you
  5. For Viper, it really depends on how tall you are. I'm lucky to be tall enough so my entire head is above the restraints and doesn't hit. If you're shorter, your head could be bouncing off the restraints the whole time. I like the ride, my wife and son hate it. Even me liking it.... Its a B- at best haha. I enjoy Ninja more honestly. Maybe even GoldRusher too
  6. Are people really complaining/arguing about the pre-lift? Really? Reaaaaalllly?
  7. Grizzly is just boring. Honestly, Pyscho Mouse is more thrilling. What is the height restriction on GoldStriker, is it more than Grizzly? If they are, or could somehow be the same, there's no need for Grizzly as is. An RMC conversion would make perfect sense to me if that were the case
  8. I apologize, not a press release, but an article in USA Today. Can't seem to copy and paste here from my phone, but the article is quoted in the Six Flags Corporate Discussion thread
  9. Has anyone else seen the press about Joker having a "Harley Quinn Tunnel" with lights and smoke? Curious that this isn't in the POV, but is in a press release from SF.
  10. Except we're supposed to have a crazy El Nino on steroids winter this year.
  11. Not to be short with you, but in the promo video, it labels all thr elements as they are happening
  12. I do hope SF does more to theme this area to DC. I doubt we see any rides re themed (as they probably would have announced that I think), but even something as small as a DC themed shop would help.
  13. The similar rides I've been on definitely provide a solid amount of airtime
  14. No shit? I actually really enjoy those generally speaking. They've got something similar at Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and I've been on a traveling one called 1001 Naughts or something like that
  15. Scary Scary Jambo? I don't recall that ride. Though, I've only been going to the park for about 5 years or so now. My first trip, Tony Hawk was there.
  16. Can I start the petition now for an S&S Free Fly Spin replacing boomerang in a few years? Just kidding, Joker is all I can focus on today
  17. I was hoping this is what they did for this year! Can't wait to ride this the way Anton intended for it. Gotta think SFMM doesn't get another coaster until the 50th anniversary, as that would be their 20th. Thinking maybe a frisbee, a star flyer, Justice League dark ride, and water park something or other over next few years.
  18. Gonna assume it's the same ride that's at SFDK, and let me tell you, that's easily my favorite water ride. 1) You actually get soaked, every single time. 2) Its just plain fun. I can't ride without laughing hysterically the majority of the time
  19. We don't have any control over media day, who goes, or who works it. That's all up to the park, sorry. EDIT: Sorry, I misunderstood the question. There's a good chance I'll come out for this one! I figured you guys might come out for this one haha. It looks freaking amazing. RMC just keeps hitting home runs!
  20. Robb..... Is it too soon for me to put my name on the list to work media day for this? Assuming you aren't coming out yourself that is. I'm beyond excited for this!
  21. I bet you its gonna be something so cool, we don't even have a name for it yet!
  22. That was me who suggested it haha. I think it'd be nice to do all that but with no off season, when?
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