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  1. SFDK has posted "Roar Facts" on Facebook both yesterday and today. For whatever that means....
  2. I'm 6 ft, 260 lbs and I had no trouble at all. Not sure where you think the rrstraints are limiting. I sometimes have trouble with OTSR, but ones like TC, or Full Throttle and Superman:UF at SFDK I've never had any issues with at all
  3. The program they run for VooDoo does suck pretty hard. One flip at beginning and that's pretty much it. My 11yr old son still insists in riding it back to back for some reason though.
  4. I feel like they'd want the 20th coaster to be significant. Personally I'd like to see them put in a star flyer, 300 ft or so. Knowing SFMM, probably 400ft plus. Gotta be room for that in Scream Punk District
  5. On another note... I don't want floorless on Riddler. Scream is already floorless. If they have a sitdown option I wouldn't mind that I guess, but Riddler right now is about thr only standup I actually enjoy. I didn't find it to bebinbearably rough at all when I rode it Thursday. Do wish it had 2 trains though.
  6. There were only 2 trains running pretty much all day on Friday. One (forget the color sorry) was just sitting off to the side. Had 3 trains all day Thursday.
  7. I've been there on the 4th a couple of years. Honestly, it's no worse than a typical Saturday at SFMM. DK tends to draw a younger crowd who stay away from the coasters other than Roar. It will be crowded, don't get me wrong, but there should be no more than a 45 minute wait for anything. Superman is a great, albeit short ride. V2 is pretty fun too, and unique. Medusa is the best ride in the park, better than Scream at MM. Kong and Boomerang are what they are.
  8. If Ghostrider made you want to not ride any more rides the rest of the day, I don't think you're cut out for theme parks. My wife, who's not nearly the enthusiast I am, handled it with no issues yesterday and my 11 year old son wanted to ride it over and over. Its definitely rough, but it's not painful Now back to Roar.... I just rode TC for first 3 times today. Holy crap.... Easily my #1 coaster now. I really hope these Roar rumors are true.
  9. Rode TC for the first time today.... Holy crap what an amazing ride. Now, almost all of my coaster riding has been in California, but it immediately became #1 on my list. So much freaking airtime and so many other cool elements. Kinda of bummed that it only dueled once out kd my three rides on it today, but even without that haooe jng it's an absolutely incredible ride. The dueling ride came on our last ride of the night, around 930. Great ride in the night. Being from NorCal, I really really really hope the Roar SFDK rumors are true. RMC is amazing.
  10. Headed to the park tomorrow with my son! Will be there Friday, Saturday, and for a couple hours on Sunday. Praying for light crowds (doubtful on Saturday I know). Anyone else going to be there?
  11. Giant Dipper (SCBB) Space Mountain Tatsu Xcelerator Goliath (SFMM)
  12. I'll be there the 25th as well, and most likely the 26th! I'll be there with my 11 year old son. So if you see a tall bald guy with a beer belly probably wearing SF Giants/49ers shirt and a blond haired 11 year old, feel free to say hello!
  13. It's not that I'd oppose an RMC Coaster at SFDK... there's just nothing wrong with Roar right now, and the park needs to invest in other areas way more (drop tower, dark ride, 4d theater reopening...)
  14. I agree, Roar is fine as a traditional woody. There's a LOT I'd rather see happen at SFDK before this gets the RM treatment. Last time I was there it was running 2 trains. Was sometime in mid August. Back to the real topic of this thread, SFMM.... I just booked my hotel for a trip there October 24 and 25, and possibly the morning of the 26th. Are Fright Fest weekends comparable to weekends during the summer? I was hoping it would be relatively slow on Friday, and hopefully not crazy on Saturday.
  15. 1) Tatsu 2) Xcelerator 3) Full Throttle 4) California Screaming 5) Superman: Ultimate Flight 6) Superman: Escape from Krypton 7) Space Mountain (Disneyland) 8) Medusa (Discovery Kingdom) 9) Goliath (Magic Mountain) 10) Giant Dipper (Santa Cruz) I need to get out of California. Planned trips to Disneyworld and the 2 Texas Six Flags for 2015 should see some changes to this. As will Twisted Colossus. I should probably make it to Great America to get on Goldstriker too
  16. I do think a drop tower would be a nice addition to the park; in fact, an ARM-Larson tower would fit almost perfectly in terms of height! However, one could argue that the location of CGA's Drop Tower and SCBB's Double Shot (relatively) near SFDK would mean that a drop tower is a less likely addition. For the record, I would love to try one of those ARM-Larson Super Shots I'm of the opinion that every park needs a drop tower. I've said this before, but even a 150ft double shot or intamin Ballistic Tower themed to Bizarre would easily fit near S:UF kind of behind Roar. Ideally, I'd like to see them somehow put the tower in a 50 Ft hole so we can bypass the height restriction a little bit. That may just be an unrealistic dream of mine though. I also agree that this park NEEDS a dark ride. Maybe for 2016?
  17. Can you post? That would actually be a good spot for it if they can squeeze it and a decent sized queue in. It actually looks really good there. Seems to open it up well.
  18. Where and what was Jambo? That was before my time at the park apparently.
  19. Can you post? That would actually be a good spot for it if they can squeeze it and a decent sized queue in.
  20. I'm curious to see where this goes. From the video, it looks like you can see the vertical spike of V2 in the background. So are they getting rid of the dolphin pool or one of the other animal exhibits near here? I can't see them taking out the go kart track, as that's a moneymaker for them. While we all expected this announcement based on the rumors, I still can't help but be disappointed. I always enjoy the Ring of Fire when I go to a fair, and I'll probably enjoy this ride, but as has been said, the ride experience is very similar to Hammerhead. I just don't understand why we can't get a drop ride of some sort or a dark ride at this park. Neither of those would be huge investments, and they are both desperately needed. Sadly, with 2 new rides in the last 2 years, my guess is we don't even see a new ride for 2016, and I'm stuck waiting until 2017 for one of these
  21. Have you ever been on S:UF? While I guess you could say it sort of looks like a "taller fancier Super Loop," the ride experience is incredibly different.
  22. Yeah it's definitely verrrry similar to Hammerhead, I don't get this move either. Especially when what this park lacks the most is a) a drop ride (150 ft double shot themed to Bizarro), b) a dark ride, and c) a really cool log ride that goes through animal areas somehow
  23. Was at the park today, and actually sat in row 4 on Superman, so couldn't tell you what the issues were before. Pretty crowded day actually. Never waited more than 30 minutes, but parking lot was full (they even used the fairgrounds parking across the street it looked like), and there were a ton of people walking around in the park. Got my first ride on Tsunami Soaker, and while it is faaar from a thrill ride, it sure is a hell of a lot of fun. You most definitely get soaked too. I'm not sure you could go on that ride without getting fully soaked. Overall a good day. Even got to meet Wayde from "Tanked" on Animal Planet who was randomly there with his family. Very nice guy in the 2 minutes I talked to him.
  24. Headed to the park Sunday. Will be my first visit since Tsunami Soaker opened. Hopefully it's warm
  25. headed to the park here in just a little bit with my son. Hoping for a good day
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