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  1. I'm already dreaming about a Mack PowerSplash replacing Monsoon Falls. No clue whether it would fit or not, but I can still dream
  2. I'm almost positive it's going where the elephants were. I was at the park on Sunday and there was a sign over there talking about Captain Lee's excursion and had August 29 date on it. Speaking of being at the park Sunday, Monsoon Falls was already drained. Do they always drain it this early?
  3. Good addition to the park. Finally adds a family coaster back, and adds a ride in a new section of the park which will help with crowd management. I just hope this isn't a sign that the animal attractions will slowly be fading away. I understand why the elephants had to leave of course, but still hoping most of this area of the park stays dedicated to animals. This ride seems to offer both at leastm. Definitely happy with this
  4. Any rumors on additions for next year? I saw somewhere that a sign has been posted saying "Warning: Rattlesnake crossing" or something like that. Seemed to be in the front of the park near where elephants used to be I think.
  5. Surprised to see them remove the go carts, although I've always said that's a perfect place for the next coaster. Does anyone know if they're going to be moving the go carts to elsewhere in the park? Also just want to second (third?) the idea that this park has had great additions lately. Really, since Superman was added the park has improved greatly. It's low key a really, really good park
  6. Twisted Colossus Tatsu X2 Full Throttle Superman (but only if it can be done 5 or more times in a row)
  7. They have stated that there will be extra special deals for current Six Flags pass holders or something like that. Said they will be releasing the info soon. Definitely gave the impression that it won't be free
  8. Waterworld in Concord joining the Six Flags Family! I'm excited to see what the special deals for pass holders are.
  9. I'd like to see the park add both the FreeSpin and dark ride. It needs a dark ride badly. And they really need to upgrade the screen on the 5D theater. The seats are fine, but the screen and projector are such poor quality. And Monkey Madness, while fun, looks like it was made in 1998. How long have the elephants officially been gone for? I was at the park today and noticed they weren't there. It got me thinking, they could build a nice family woodie over there, maybe even cross over the walkway and extend into where VooDoo is (since that is down more often than not anyway.
  10. They could definitely use a dark ride, but not sure the gocarts is the best spot for that. There's room between the go carts and Superman that they could probably fit it.
  11. Best way to increase your coaster count? Take a trip to SoCal. Magic Mountain alone would double your count. Then you have Knott's and Disney and Universal.
  12. Back to the topic of Superman.... For each of the last 5 years, my now 13 year old son and I have taken a 2 or 3 day trip to SFMM. We're from the Bay Area and have passes to SFDK, so it's made for a relatively cheap, fun vacation. On our first trip here, my son wanted to ride Superman more than anything, but the line was crazy the whole first day. He wanted to ride so much, we made the decision to run to it at park open on our second day. We got there and no one else was there yet. We got the first ride of the day and it was just the 2 of us on the ride. As we come back into the station, no one else is in line yet. My son asks if we can go again, and they let us. We end up riding 6 times in a row, in every seat we could. We then walked down into the DC area and rode Riddler, Batman, Green Lantern all multiple times with no wait, often the only 2 on the ride. In just over an hour, we'd had 13 rides It was by far the highlight of our trip. It was such a highlight in fact, that we made it a tradition. One day each year on every one of our trips, we run to Superman and get 7-12 rides in, and then hit a near empty DC and basically do the same. Long story short, that's the only way I ride Superman, and I freaking love it. It's honestly something both he and I look forward to every visit. It's such a thrill to experience that launch so many times in a short span of time. It really is a freaking amazing launch.
  13. I've only been on Twisted Colossus and Joker. I love both, but prefer Colossus
  14. I only stopped by the bacon themed booth. Had both the Mac and cheese and a wedge salad that we're both just ok. I did not care for the "golden" churros, but my son loved them. The poutine at Red Rose Taverne was quite good, but the grey stuff was just ok.
  15. Hello everyone. Going to be headed to the parks next week for spring break, spending Wed, Thurs, and Friday there. I have a question on ride closures though. Specifically Grizzly River Run. I've seen a couple different dates for it to reopen. One said the 22 and one said the 24. Is there anyone on here with any "connections" or whatever that can give me something more accurate? Thanks! My family loves that ride
  16. I did a quick Google search and couldn't find any real numbers so I thought I'd ask here.... What kind of g forces do the major rides here pull? Just curious really. Thanks!
  17. Splash Mountain DLR just barely edges out Timber Mountain Log Ride for me. Haven't been on any others worth mentioning, but I guess I'm lucky as I know these 2 are considered amongst the best in the world
  18. Hey everyone Just booked a trip for my son and I to visit the park for 2 days the second week of June. We'll be here on a Thursday and Friday. One of those days we want to spend primarily at the water park. Do you think Friday or Thursday would be better for that? Also, how should we attack the park to maximize what we can get on? We plan on being at the park at opening both days. Thanks for the help!
  19. Hey everyone. Just booked a trip for my son and I to visit for 2 days that second week of June. We'll be here probably on a Tuesday and Wednesday. I was hoping to get a few tips from you guys. 1) what will the weather be like? I'm expecting warm but will it be in the 80s or the 100s? 2) How should we attack the park? My son is 13, we both will go on literally everything in the park. We're planning on being there right at opening too, so where should we try to run to? And where to from there? 3) What are the best places to eat outside of the park but nearby? Breakfast and dinner please. Thanks so much for the help.
  20. I've always wanted a Double Shot. I think those are 120 ft, but I'm sure someone could make one that's 150 just to maximize things. They could probably find a way to fit that somewhere in Medusa's parking lot or in that general area by Medusa/Kong somewhere. Bottom line, I just want this park to keep growing and adding valuable rides. They've really done a great job at this over the last 5 years or so. Superman, Sky Skreamer, Tsunami Soaker/Penguin, Joker, and now Wonder Woman. All fabulous additions. I just want it to continue
  21. I hope V2 stays. I enjoy it, and it's unique. It's really too bad Vallejo can't make an exception to the height limit just for a drop tower. I'm OK without coaster over 150ft, although a giga would be cool, but I just feel like every park should have a drop tower of some sort
  22. I didn't mean to imply that one of the parks will go out of business. I absolutely think there is market for both of them for all the reasons you already listed. But there is a competition of sort between the parks as to which is the "Premier" NorCal park. It was most just an excuse to fantasy plan my home park, I'll be honest
  23. I'm thinking they move the go kart track and put a free spin there. Call it Batman, DC area complete.
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