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  1. I think we may see a small retheme, definitely. Whether that means renaming Tsunami Soaker and V2 and the go karts... Who knows.
  2. I've been on the new one at SFDK and really enjoy it. Harness is a bit rough on my collar bones while hanging, but I've also got an abnormally tall torso. You are held in place very well. Traveling models... Been on a few. Generally a similar experience, just less comfy seats.
  3. Aquaman's Tsunami Soaker, FlashCoaster (for V2). Not sure how much retheming costs though
  4. Rest assured, CGA's Vortex absolutely sucks. One of my least favorite coasters ever. Thankfully it's really short
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh snap! Wonder when we'll see the first simulated on ride video. Did they have one prepared during the announcement of TC last year? I can't remember
  6. How in the world are you not a fan of Twisted Colossus? What is not to like about it? Don't get me wrong, it is a good coaster but of the 5 conversions they have performed I have it ranked fourth. I didn't find the trick track at the beginning all that spectacular and just as the coaster gains any momentum you are already at the second lift hill but I fault the original structure and not RMC for that. Plus the day I was there I hardly ever saw it racing (yet I blame Six Flags ride ops more than anything) so the high five element is not as exciting if you aren't really... you know... high fiving. I was a fan of the original Colossus but unfortunately Six Flags maintenance really let the coaster go and at the end there it was really un-rideable so the transformation was needed. If given a choice, though, I would prefer Medusa steel coaster or Wicked Cyclone over Twisted colossus but they are great due to the existing structure that RMC had to work with. You've ridden all of them?
  7. How in the world are you not a fan of Twisted Colossus? What is not to like about it?
  8. Yes. Every park in America. And then at Six Flags when you ask for "cups of water" they without fail will ask you if you want to take part in some ridiculous special deal where you can buy 2 bottles of water for some ridiculous amount of money like 5 bucks instead of just getting the free water. God forbid they do their job and try to make money off you. The nerve!
  9. I could very easily see a clone of the Batman free spin replacing Kong in the next few years. If they could make it fit in Boomerang's spot, that would be amazing.
  10. Have they given any clue as to where exactly this is going? Anything being removed?
  11. California - Twisted Colossus, hands down Nevada - El Loco Yeah.... I need to travel more
  12. I'm not sure anyone has said they don't want inversions or would be upset if there were inversions. I said I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't, and that I'd be OK with that. I saw pretty much the same sentiment from other posters. Being OK with no inversions is pretty far from asking for a "gentle family coaster." I think we've all seen what RMC does, and most of us have ridden at least one of their creations.
  13. Six Flags Magic Mountain 2016: complete renovation of Revolution including new trains 2017: 400 ft star flyer 2018: Justice League dark ride 2019: whatever the newest coolest flat ride is 2020: kiddie ride, water park improvements 2021: 400+ ft poler coaster takes place of observation tower, giving them 20 coasters and a new record breaker for 50 year anniversary
  14. California's Great America 2016: Sit down trains on Vortex 2017: S&S Gale Force clone in Invertigarden 2018: New 4D movie 2019: Demon removed, Windseeker fills part of space 2020: Grizzly removed, B&M flyer fills this space and rest left by removal of Demon
  15. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2016: Roar of Steel 2017: 4D movie experience of some sort 2018: Justice League dark ride 2019: All new Cirque water and dolphin show 2020: Remove Kong and Boomerang, replace with a wing coaster.
  16. That would be ideal, but realistically, this is Six Flags and RMC. RMC does inversions very well, and Six Flags (come to think of it) hasn't installed a full size steel coaster without inversions in quite a long time. Was Texas Giant the last time? That would be a little ironic. New Texas Giant was 2011... That wasn't THAT long ago. I don't know what we'll see, but considering the audience that frequents SFDK skews younger, I wouldn't be shocked to see no inversions, and would definitely be OK with it.
  17. After seeing Lightning Run, and considering SFDK has no other full size non-inverting coasters, I think Roar may end up not having any inversions, but rather a shit load of airtime instead. The linked YouTube has pretty much zero chance of even being close to what we get haha. An inversion before the lift hill? Come on man.....
  18. I'm still of the opinion that these newly purchased areas truly will go to offices and backstage stuff, and that those things they move will open up space around the existing park to expand. If I were in charge, I'd take out Big Thunder ranch and do something that's more of a draw back there.
  19. Olympic Bobsleds traveling coaster at the Sonoma County fair. Definitely the sketchiest thing I've ever been on
  20. Yeah, now I really, really want this. Shoot, if CGA doesn't do it, maybe they can squeeze room for it at the Boardwalk haha.
  21. I still want the Bizarro theme for thr 150ft S&S Double shot that they're going to build behind/between Roar and SUF in my dreams. I'm not a huge comic book guy, but are there any that would fit the wood and metal together theme?
  22. How bout a clone of the just announced Gale Force by S&S that's going in Ocean City, NJ? Same compact footprint, not the exact same as closest competitor park has, although a similar concept
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