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  1. As seems to be a recurring theme here, I too have given this a ton of thought over the years. Having always been a sucker for fairs and old-fashioned style amusement parks like Coney Island and Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk, I would theme my park similar to this. Bear Flag Park would be the name, and it would feature several odes to California in general, but the overall theme would be the old-timey amusement park feel. Nights would be a visual spectacular in this park, as nearly every ride would feature impressive lighting packages. Keeping with the Fair/old-timey amusement park feel, my park would have a ton of flat rides. Air Race Zamperla Hawk 48 Crazy Train/Hi-Roller Super Round-Up Intamin Ballistic Tower (200ft) StarFlyer (200ft) Double Shock (for those unfamiliar, like a Falling Star, but with two separate platforms that move in opposite directions) Huss Enterprise Discovery 30 Scrambler Tilt A Whirl Kid size wave swinger One of the showpieces of the park would be a Huge Intamin Coaster Wheel (a la Mickey's Fun Wheel), 200ft or larger. Another main feature of the park's skyline would be the Intamin Ballistic Tower, again at least 200 ft There would be a large double decker carousel in view immediately as you walk into the park There would be a log flume themed to the gold rush, either based on terrain or built up a la Splash Mountain if need be Large square footage bumper cars Bumper Boats A HUGE fun house maze large arcade a huge midway with a ton of games, all priced at $1 per play. A Sally interactive dark ride a motion theater Another showpiece of the park would be the Cyclone/Giant Dipper inspired, white painted woodie other coasters - Dirt bike themed motor bike family coaster Maurer spinning coaster with non-inverted loop Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang Euro-Fighter Side by side Intamin spiraling impulse coasters that launch in opposite directions and have both sides angle at 45 degrees a la the one side of V2 at Discovery Kingdom
  2. I think the biggest thing is enforcement of the policies. At SFMM last year, I see two youngish guys passing a blunt back and forth as we're walking to get in line for Viper. They walk right past two park workers, not trying to hide it at all, and the workers do nothing. My guess is they were scared to say something since these two guys were somewhat "gangster" looking hispanic males. Being a pretty big guy myself, and not easily intimidated, I decide to say something to them about it (I'm walking with my ten year old son btw). They proceed to cop an attitude with me like I had done something wrong. The nerve of some people.....
  3. it's not what I'm drinking, but what I'm smoking! It really does feel like the Colossus County Fair area is so lacking though. This seems like such an easy thing to do, with minor investments. But yes.... clearly it's not happening. Though, maybe if enough of us post about it, SFMM will read our posts and change their mind? (it must be really, really good stuff that I'm smoking)
  4. Giving this more thought, I'd really love to see them do something like this if/when they do the Colossus upgrade. It doesn't have to be anything huge, but adding in even just 2-3 new, relatively unique flat rides, preferably some with amazing lighting on them (I'm a sucker for the lights at night). A Falling Star, a Zipper, and Air Race maybe... As I mentioned before, I've always been a fan of Enterprise. Shoot, I'd love to see a Unicoaster too. What I'd REALLY like to see, though I know won't happen, is for them to remove Scream and install some sort of huge Ferris Wheel. Maybe even something like Mickey's Fun Wheel, but even larger. Make it the largest wheel with swinging gondolas on the west coast so you can claim a record. This would be a great addition to the landscape view of the park from the freeway, and would match the theme of the area much better than Scream does. Would look amazing at night too. Hey, a man can dream, right?
  5. God, I would love to see a permanent installation of a Zipper. Maybe an old school Enterprise too? MM REALLY needs a dark ride as well.
  6. The problem is that Grizzly, smooth or not, is just kind of boring. Now that Goldstriker is there, they could use the space that Grizzly and Demon occupies for something MUCH better. Demon will always hold a special place in my heart (first ride I ever went on that goes upside down), but I sure wouldn't mind it being replaced with something state of the art.
  7. Totally agree that this corner of the park needs some TLC. Colossus is a must ride every time I head down (not sure why, but I love woodies, even the rough ones), though more often than not we skip Scream (probably because I get to ride the much better Medusa at SFDK so much). I'd love to see Iron Colossus and at least a couple new flats added to this area. Not sure what could be done about Scream, but I think if Colossus were really to get the Iron Horse treatment, the ridership on Scream would increase just due to proximity.
  8. I always thought "Flight Deck" was a dumb name, but "Touchdown" is even worse. "Afternburn" was a much better new name that kept the theming.
  9. Vortex at this point is seriously one of the worst coasters I've ever been on. I remember right after it opened when I was a kid that I loved it. Every ride on it as an adult has gotten more and more painful though. Plus, it's what, 30 seconds long?
  10. Then maybe you should find another theme park site to post to. Disclaimer! You need a sense of humor to view our site, if you don't have a sense of humor, or are easily offended, please turn back now! ok, ok..... let me see if I've got this humor thing figured out then FIXED! is that better?
  11. Not really, no. They have insurance. Who knows maybe the fire will burn down some flat rides, leave empty concrete pads and save SFMM the hassle of doing that themselves. Oh... and we're also kidding. No need to act like you're offended. Knowing people who have lost their houses to fire (they had insurance too), fire just really isn't that funny to me. I personally love Magic Mountain. My son and I (single dad here) have been making yearly trips down there for the last 2 years, and it's been some of the best family time we've ever gotten together. He doesn't care about any of the shit everyone on here complains about, he just loves going on a bunch of rides with his dad. So, sorry to be the Debbie Downer here, but yeah, I just don't find jokes about fire burning down an amusement park very funny.
  12. Gotta love this speculation on where Scream should go when it's actually not going anywhere..... Also.... Did someone really just joke that they hoped a fire would burn down Magic Mountain? I know this site likes it's jokes and all, but does anyone else think that was a little bit over the top?
  13. Green Lantern fan here! WOOHOO! Been on it about 5 or 6 times, in both balanced and unbalanced cars. Love it every time. One of the most forceful rides I've ever been on.
  14. When I was there 2 weeks ago, the ops at S:UF simply repeated to everyone to put their seatbelt on, and that the restraint would then be lowered for them. No shaming, no threats of falling out. My guess is you just got an op that thought it would be funny to say that.
  15. 32 years old. First coaster was either Space Mountain, Matterhorn, or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Took a trip to Disneyland at 5 years old, but can't quite remember which one we went on first while there.
  16. I'm 6 ft, 250 lbs, and carry most of that weight in my gut. I've also got only a 31 inch inseam (pretty short for a guy my height), which equals a larger than normal torso, and I've never had any issues with V2. Maybe I just got lucky with what seats I got?
  17. Boomerang at SFDK While I think it's actually pretty good as far as Boomerangs go, I still wish the kids I was with (my son's bday party, so 4 10 year olds), didn't think V2 looked boring.
  18. My only experience with this time of year came last year on New Years Eve itself, and the crowds weren't bad. I was just there this last weekend and it wasn't too bad either, so my guess is that you should be good. As far as ride order..... You can start with Superman, then hit Roar and V2, then make your way to Medusa and Kong and Sky Screamer, then Hammerhead before making your way to Boomerang, Tasmanian Devil, Scatabout, and VooDoo (although the area of the park where VooDoo is was blocked off this last weekend when I was there. Everything else, short of the 2 water rides, appeared to be up and running.
  19. Agreed. Medusa is very consistently good. One of my favorite rides at the park.
  20. Count me amongst those who really enjoys Green Lantern as well. Also, V2 at SFDK is one I try to ride every time I'm there, even if no one will ride it with me.
  21. Good day spent at the park today with my 10 year old son and two of his friends. 2 rides on Medusa (first time riding for one of them, who even today was juuuuuust tall enough to get on. He loved it of course), 1 ride on Kong (surprisingly smooth today), and 1 time each on Roar, Superman, and Boomerang. Sadly, none of the kids wanted to go on V2 (always been one of my favorites, but it seems barely anyone shares my opinion of it. S:UF and Roar had the longest lines, but neither was more than maybe 25 minutes. Roar and Kong were running 1 train, Medusa had 2. Boomerang was a walk on. Its always fun to see a kids reaction first time riding "real" coasters (his only previous coaster experience was Disneyland). Good day indeed
  22. I'm taking my son and a couple of his friends for his birthday. Should be interesting haha.
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