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  1. If you look at the park's Facebook page, most of the comments are actually people complaining about Wave Jumper being taken out. Funny, it never had much of a line, but then again people LOVE to complain
  2. Looks like Tsunami Soaker is going to replace Wave Jumper and not Acme Water Works. Wonder what goes into the space where Acme was.....?
  3. Going to be an interesting year for me, as I'm getting married in August. That means I've got a honeymoon and a bachelor party in addition to the wedding itself. That said, here's my list: Definitely - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (the home park, will hit this up at least 5-6 times) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Hopefully - California's Great America (didn't make it there this year, and REALLY want to get on Goldstriker) Disneyland/California Adventure (normally a yearly trip, but may not happen this year due to the bachelor party and honeymoon) Knott's Berry Farm (part of the yearly Disneyland Trip) Universal Studios Hollywood (will hit this up if the Disneyland Trip happens) Six Flags Magic Mountain (yearly trip with just my son and I normally that I'm really hoping to do this year, but may not due to time/budget constraints) Adventuredome (just depends on plans for the bachelor party. I'd love to make it happen though, especially with the new El Loco)
  4. 6 ft, 245 lbs and no issues at all with the leg restraints on either FT or SM:UF
  5. For me, it's a wood coaster. Smallish height requirement (48 inches or so) allows these type of coaster to be many kids first "real" coaster experience.
  6. They can still claim the title of "World's Largest Drop." They'll still be built, and the marketing people will figure out how to market it, rest assured.
  7. Demon at California's Great America. It was before Paramount owned it, I'm thinking sometime around 1990 (give or take a year or so). I was somewhere between 8 and 10. While the ride has some nostalgic value for me, I'm hoping they remove it in the near future (along with Grizzly maybe) to put something dynamic in.
  8. Going to have to say I'm pretty indifferent about the tree. I guess it was kinda cool looking, but I sure won't miss it. On another note, has it been confirmed where the new kiddie coaster is going to go exactly? Has there been any details on it revealed at all?
  9. Apparently I wasn't very comfortable when this picture was taken....
  10. One of my favorites. My son and I in the front, my fiance and her niece behind us.
  11. Agreed that it really wasn't a big deal at all. With any sort of wild animal, the occasional bite/scratch is bound to happen. I'm actually impressed that it wasn't made out to be a bigger story, as I expected to see it all over the news once I first heard about it.
  12. anyone else hear about this? Theme Park Overload posted it over the weekend. I didn't see anything about it in the Bay Area news at all (report is from a Sacramento area station.) http://www.news10.net/news/local/article/262303/2/Sea-lion-bites-trainer-at-Six-Flags-Discovery-Kingdom
  13. ^I think something like this would actually be a pretty decent addition to Knott's. I too am bummed that Windseeker is leaving though. I get it, but still bummed.
  14. Yeah, the crowd sure was ridiculous Saturday wasn't it? I too had never seen it anywhere near that bad. The line for coasters was absolutely ridiculous, by far the worst I'd ever seen at SFDK. Glad that I hadn't purchased the maze tickets ahead of time if they were as bad as you say. Kinda bummed, as I was looking forward to the mazes, but there's always next year I guess.....
  15. Having only been to 2 parks from each chain (CGA and Knott's, and SFDK and SFMM), I much prefer Six Flags. For what my son and I look for from a park, both Six Flags provide a better experience. We're thrill ride nuts, and both SF parks offer better options for us than their immediate local CF competitor.
  16. I've had to park in the fairgrounds lot myself a few times, but it was on busy summer days (4th of July, Fathers Day) and so both White Water Safari and Monsoon Falls were the attractions with the longest waits. With those two out of commission on Saturday, the wait for other rides was unbearable. Also of note, there was some sort of Kiwanis Youth Group "Key Club" event going on. Hundreds, if not thousands of high school age kids there. I'm sure that didn't help things at all either, especially considering SFDK typically seems to have mostly families there, most of which don't go on the more extreme rides. In all my years of having a season pass, I'd never waited more than 20 minutes for Medusa. It was over an hour and a half on Saturday.
  17. Sorry, I don't often get on the computer on the weekend. I've actually got the "membership" going, which gives me admission basically until I stop paying on a monthly basis. We actually only stayed for a few hours on Saturday (left around 6:30) as the crowds were absolutely nuts. In 4.5 hours, we only got one ride on Medusa and one on Kong. My son (he's only 9) wasn't enjoying the crowds so we just went home and went to a corn maze nearby our house that lets you walk through it at night instead. Did you end up going? Did the crowds thin out later in the night? As we were leaving, there were still a TON of cars parking in the fairgrounds across the street and a lot of people still entering the park.
  18. I definitely didn't hear that Sky Skreamer was running backwards this year. It definitely didn't do that in years past at Fright Fest. I'll be heading to the park with my son tomorrow for our yearly Fright Fest trip - anyone else going to be there at all?
  19. My two favorite dark rides by far are Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean at DLR. Indy is my favorite Disney ride overall, just an incredicle, unique experience. And Pirates just never seems to get old for me.
  20. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but considering the height restrictions at SF:DK, I think this could be a nice addition. I remember before S:UF was announced, there was some speculation a Mega-Lite would be added. Not sure exactly where they could fit this, but there's definitely room at the park.
  21. I remember reading something about them having an arrangement for a parking garage as well. However, we need to remember that the height restriction where the parking lot area is now is much lower than the height restriction towards the front of the park. This would possibly impact some of these proposed rides, and limit the area where they could be placed. That said, I do agree that they have room to add pretty much all of the proposed attractions that I have heard about, although I do wonder about the exact placement for a couple of them. I just hope this is something they want to add for 2015, and not any later than that.
  22. I think Full Throttle was a nice addition. While a short ride, the launch and initial loop are fun, as is the backwards launch, and the top hat is AMAZING
  23. SFDK a week from this Saturday for Fright Fest with my son.
  24. I question the logistics involved there too. Sounds ambitious, and if they can pull it off (it IS Disney after all), this should be an amazing addition to the park. I'm curious to see what they do with BLAB, a re-theme seems simple enough. I personally love that ride, and would hate to see it disappear completely. I also don't see exactly how the rocket ships are going to go on the Space Mountain area without blocking the view of the actual "mountain." Definitely curious to see where this goes.
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