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  1. New Roar at SFDK for sure. RMC 30 minutes away, who could ask for anything more?
  2. People like to pick on SFMM here on TPR. I've never had a bad time in all my visits though. There's no vomit or trash on the walkways. The ops could be better, but they're not horrible. But thr reason my son and I go to, and love SFMM, is the thrills. No other park in the West has the selection of thrill rides that SFMM does. And that will keep us coming back. Don't let the hyperbole get to you.
  3. Yeah I definitely don't see them getting the exact same ride their main rival has. Could a eurofighter or El Loco fit in there?
  4. Took my last ride on Roar today. Definitely bittersweet. I've certainly always enjoyed Roar, and wish they could somehow keep it and still get an RMC. I'm beyond thrilled to be getting an RMC 30min away from me though. RIP Roar, long live Iron Roar/Roar of Metal/More Roar/Roargasm.
  5. This is my main issue with CGA, and why I feel SFDK is a much better park. Flight Deck, Vortex, and Demon are all incredibly short. Personally, I feel like adding the water park was a horrible move back in the day. I feel like a water park and an amusement park are activities for 2 separate days, and that spaxe could be (and was) used for another top notch coaster. Are there any other parks in the world that have them in the same gate?
  6. If you go through the rides one by one - Medusa is slightly better than Flight Deck, Gold Striker is better than Roar (for now), Superman is better than anything else at CGA (Demon or Vortex), I'd compare Kong pretty favorably to Vortex, V2 is better than anything else CGA has, Boomerang is Boomerang lol.... SFDK is just better for coasters. Adding Iron Roar will just be icing... The best icing you've ever had!
  7. SFDK's coaster lineup is significantly better than CGA's, and that's only going to increase exponentially once Iron Roar is built.
  8. They should install a Tsunami Soaker like at SFDK. Small footprint, actually gets you soaked, and for as simple as it looks, a freaking great time. I'm laughing every time I'm on that ride.
  9. The park is definitely due for another top notch thrill ride. Converting Vortex to floorless definitely is not the answer. As much as it pains me to say this (Demon was my first upside down coaster), I think its time to take out Demon and Grizzly and use all that space for something huge. You could probably fit a decent flat in there as well.
  10. They're not going to "attempt to market" what would be their 20th coaster. Coaster 20 will indeed be something legit. I'm still thinking it ends up being a 40pft polercoaster. As far as 2016 goes, yes, probably a flat or a dark, or maybe even something new for Hurricane Harbor even.
  11. I've only ridden 4.... 1 Silver Bullet 2 Montu 3 Batman:The Ride 4 Flight Deck
  12. A full Revolution rehab would be amazing. It IS going to be the 40th anniversary of it too.....
  13. I can't see then adding another new coaster yet. That would be number 20 I believe, and knowing SFMM, #20 will be a record breaker of some sort. I still think that will come when they tear down the observation tower and build a 400+ft polercoaster in it's place.
  14. So with SFDK all but confirmed to be getting their own RMC love for 2016, has anyone heard any rumors about what SFMM will be getting as a new ride? I can't help but think it will be a flat or dark ride. So is it a large star flyer or a Justice League dark ride? There's plenty of places they could drop a star flyer in, though I'm thinking back by Apocalypse or in the new ScreamPunk district would be best, and I know theres a building they could use/space to build one in DC Universe for the dark ride. Just wishful thinking on my part? Maybe.... Has anyone actually heard anything?
  15. I really don't understand how anyone can call this a bad thing. Do I enjoy Roar as is? Yes. I ride it on every visit. I probably ride it 15-20 times a year. Do I wish they could somehow take out Kong and Boomerang and build us an awesome Top 10 level coaster from the ground up? Of course. However, none of that means that I'm not geeking out like a teenager seeing boobs for the first time at the prospect of having an RMC 30 minutes from my house. I don't care when it is.... I'm there opening day for this thing. Full Metal Roar anyone?
  16. Colossus had basically no airtime, and TC seems like half the ride you are out of your seat.... I'm sure RMC will deliver on this one too
  17. ROARgasm! Well, that's at least my vote.... My son suggested "More Roar" lol and "Roar:Reloaded"
  18. I can't fucking wait for this. SFDK is my home park, and while I enjoy Roar as is, after riding TC last month..... I'll most definitely welcome RMC to NorCal. Robb, can I mention my interest in a media day already or is it too soon?
  19. Exactly.... Even if it can't be Led Luthor Drop of Doom doesn't mean it wouldn't be a great addition to the park. Make it somewhat unique in other ways than height.
  20. Tower of Terror isn't much more than 150ft either. I think by having it launch both up and down, the height wouldn't matter as much.
  21. Did anyone else get the "villain" survey last night? Wonder what it means? I keep telling anyone who will listen (so myself basically) that they need to put in a Bizarro themed Double Shot or something similar. Ideally, it'd be like Tower of Terror where you are "randomly" launched up or down. Dig a 25-50 ft hole back between Roar and Superman near the park entrance to give it some additional height.......... A man can dream.
  22. Twisted Colossus. 2 days before, I added Coast Rider at Knott's as well. Sometime this summer I'm finally going to make it to CGA and add GoldStriker.
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