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  1. I think it's inevitable that they get the Justice League dark ride. I also think they're going to get the S&S 4d free soon as well, Batman themed. I'd say both of those can happen in the next 5 years, and without removing any existing rides. From there, if I could fantasy plan for them a bit, I'd remove VooDoo, the pirate ship, boomerang, and Tasmanian Devil and put in some sort of custom family coaster or woody. The park desperately needs something above Cobra that doesn't go upside down. I'd love to see Kong taken out and that space used better as well. There's a decent amount of room there. Beyond that, I'm not sure there's much more they can do beyond upgrade some flats. The ones back by the lack come to mind. They definitely don't have much room without taking out animal exhibits, but that's part of what makes it such a great well rounded park. I do still wish they could fit a drop ride somewhere
  2. With CGA's 20 year plan approved by Santa Clara city council, they look poised to really improve that park significantly during that time period. What does everyone think SFDK does to try to keep pace? Taking into account 2017 additions (Wonder Woman and Patriot), I'd say SFDK has the better stable of attractions, but if they want to keep it that way, they'll definitely need to spend some significant money.
  3. Nothing done in Wonder Woman. Got flattened dirt and that's it. It really shouldn't take any time at all to put up though.
  4. Was at the park today. Pretty solid crowds. Joker was 30-45 min, Superman 30, Kong almost 30, and Medusa 10-20. This was only my second visit this year, and so I had only been on Joker twice before. It honestly felt much faster and much more forceful the 3 times I rode it today versus either 2 before. That was back in late June I think It really is an awesome coaster. The negative g's are crazy
  5. Random question with all the talk of how busy it is... Does Magic Mountain have an official capacity? Is there a point where they stop letting people in? And if you know, how does that cutoff point compare to other California parks?
  6. Can someone smarter than me explain what those pictures show? What project is this for? I actually just stayed at the Camelot and noticed all the dirt flattened back there.
  7. Medusa, SFDK. Local park, season passes for the last 6 years.
  8. Single riser lines won't work, as it will be my wife and I there. I was under the impression Hyperspace Mountain is gone though, back to just regular Space Mountain after being Ghost Galaxy for October. Am I wrong on that one? I don't get too stressed on crowds. I go to Disney basically every year so I'm mostly used to it. Was more just curious if the winter weekends are as bad as summer ones
  9. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom : 30minutes California's Great America : 70-90 minutes Gilroy Gardens : around 90 minutes Six Flags Magic Mountain : 5 1/2 hours
  10. Headed to the parks not this weekend, but next weekend. Will be spending Saturday, Sunday, and Monday between the two parks. Just how crazy busy can I expect it to be? Will one park be better than the other on certain days? How fast have Tower of Terror fast passes been "selling out" in? Any other tips to maximize this trip?
  11. Just a few random Holiday in the Park pictures I took. Just using my phone, and just kind of snapping away, so apologies for the poor quality.
  12. Gotcha. That explains why I've never seen it in use. Seems to be a good size, you'd think they could fix it up relatively cheaply and make use of it for some sort of regular show. Or tear it down and use the space better, especially since there's a ton of space on either side of it too. Almost makes you think they could've kept the leg ride and put Full Throttle there and have it wind into the hill and maybe over Superman. Anyways, thanks for the info. Was just kind of curious about it
  13. Went to the park both Saturday and Sunday. Pretty good crowds both days, with your plus lines on basically everything, and up to 90 on Tatsu, X2, and Goliath. Goliath was running 2 trains on Saturday at least. Superman was even running both sides on Saturday night, which I had never actually seen before. It didn't open at all on Sunday though. Holiday in the Park looked pretty damn nice. A ton of lights, looked amazing from the top of Drop of Doom. I was very pleasantly surprised by how nice everything looked, DC Universe and "Gleampunk" district in particular. Even the Kwerkmas show was enjoyable and different enough from the regular show. Question for the group..... Does anyone know the last time the golden bear theater was used and what for? Just curious. I've only been coming to the park for 5 years
  14. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2017- Wonder Woman giant frisbee 2018 - Justice League dark ride 2019 - Kong replaced with a family coaster of some sort... Maybe a new compact-ish woody 2020 - Tasmanian Devil removed and replaced with a new flat, maybe the new Enterprise 2021 - Go carts moved to another place in park, Batman S&S 4D put in its place, V2 rethemed to The Flash coaster, area officially rethemed as DC Land
  15. I probably won't be doing Flash Pass. Thanks for advice so far. I'll check on water park opening dates. What's the weather like in late March?
  16. Hello Texans. I didn't want to double post in both park threads so I just created a new one. If this should be merged into an existing one, please do and accept my apologies. Anywho..... So I'm planning a trip to the 2 Texas Six Flags parks for Spring Break with my 13 year old son. Figure we'll have 4 days to spend at the parks. We wanna do a water park one day of that (assuming it's warm in late March there). I was initially thinking 1 day at one park, 2 days at another, and 1 day at a water park, but I'm open to suggestions from those that have done both parks. Which park deserves more time of the 2? What are the must rides at each park? Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated too
  17. I think it's an awesome ride, but it doesn't measure up to TC in my opinion. That said, I've only had 2 rides on it.
  18. New restraints, and some track work. Not sure if that includes new trains or not
  19. Don't know how to insert an image from my phone, but SFDK official Instagram just confirmed placement of Wonder Woman where the rendering a page back had it. Guess there really is room there haha
  20. yeah, I don't really think a coaster comes again in 18. Probably 2019 for that. Hopefully 18 gives us the drop tower that we all want somewhere haha
  21. I think they'll move the go karts. I know those add on attractions are definitely money makers. But the go karts could easily take up space in the back of the park where the height restriction is lower, thus opening up the space where they are for the FreeFly.
  22. Gotta agree that FreeFly is all but a given for this park. I'd say probably for 2018, and if not then definitely 2019. I think our best chance at getting a TRex is if they take out Kong or Boomerang, but I dont see that for another 4 years at least. This park really does have a string of great additions - Superman, Sky Screamer, Tsunami Soaker/Penguin, Joker, now Wonder Woman. Not too shabby at all.
  23. For some reason I feel like Wonder Woman will be bigger than that, but who knows. It will look great there if that is the location
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