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  1. Considering how often Taz is down, I've gotta assume with this addition that Taz will be leaving soon.
  2. It would be cool to have it swinging out over people as they are walking to the park. Guess we'll find out pretty soon where it goes.
  3. I was just at the park last weekend. There is no space already cleared that will fit something like this. Are you talking about kind of between Superman and Joker, because I really don't think that area is big enough for this.
  4. Great addition. Though seriously, where is this going? I always thought when they took out the go kart track, it would be for the S&S Free Spin Batman (especially since there are now 2 Batman villain rides). Wonder what is getting removed to fit this in.
  5. Same here, but I usually end up skipping a couple each trip, then the next trip I make a point to hit whatever I skipped the last time. I haven't ridden Batman, Superman, or Scream since 2014 and I havent ridden Revolution or Apocalypse since 2013. Too bad I still won't be able to get Apocalypse this year during WCB, but I'm going to make sure to do Batman, Scream, and Superman. With all this ERT we have for West Coast Bash it shouldn't be hard to do everything with plenty of time left over. If Superman isn't on the morning ERT I'm going to hit it right when the park opens to the public, it's usually dead at that time. In fact doing Superman, Batman, and Scream at that time might be a great idea. There will absolutely be a Green Lantern marathon at some point in the day! My son and I marathon Superman first thing on one day Everytime we go. We get at least 10 rides in without getting off, then hit DC area up after, which is also usually dead.
  6. How we wish we had Gold Striker and not Apocalypse....we know what you meant...but the subtle change was humorous... Yes, that should read Gold rusher and not striker. And man would a nice legit woody like Goldstriker be welcome. How in the world is Apocalypse so bad so soon?
  7. Maybe it's because I live up in NorCal and only get to SFMM once a year for 2 days, but there's very few rides I skip. Rough order of rides there from best to worst in my opinion: Twisted Colossus Tatsu FT Drop of Doom Superman Goliath X2 Ninja Green Lantern New Revolution (no VR for me) Batman Riddler Goldstriker Scrambler Viper Apocalypse All but the last 3 are must rides for me.
  8. I'm 35 and my son is 12 and we both enjoy X2. It's my 3rd or 4th favorite coaster in the park, but I still truly enjoy it.
  9. Front row of the back car. Anyone who ever complains about an Arrow (or even a Vekoma) looper, I tell them to ride that seat. Makes all the difference. I can't tell you why, I just know that Viper goes from being an absolutely horrible ride to actually a LOT of fun in that row! I'll have to try that when my son and I head down there next year
  10. You like Viper, but think X2 should be torn down.... I just.... I don't even know what to say to that. Viper is borderline unrideable it's so rough, and X2 makes many Top 10 lists. To each their own I suppose I also never understood why people hate Green Lantern. People simultaneously complain about it being rough but also that it's been neutered. My son and I have always enjoyed it.
  11. Definitely picturing it differently than me. And I also believe every park needs a drop tower. Finally got to the park to ride Joker today. Been a busy summer and just didnt make it out until now somehow. Anyway..... I like it. Rode in the first row on the first train of the day, then in row 10 around 3pm. Second ride was much better. Felt faster and way more forceful. I like Colossus better, but Joker is easily the best coaster in Vallejo now, and I'd say all of NorCal too. Park was really busy today. Not sure if it has been mentioned before, but Kong is closed for the "upgrades.". Penguin was closed all day too, as was VooDoo, but everything else I saw was open. Only stayed until about 4 as the crowds were too much for me. Took an hour to get food at Macho Nacho.
  12. I'll take that bet. Easy money for me. I don't doubt that they'll add a Super Loop at some point, and I could see them calling it a coaster, but whatever they add to make their 20th coaster will be something big and be a first/tallest/longest/fastest. My guess is a terrain based dive coaster
  13. Oh I know it probably won't happen, I just think it would add to the experience a bit. Even just 20 ft would make a big difference, and allow you to fall a full 150 ft. Plus, I just like the idea of launching out of a pit with the smoke effects. Would add something unique to an off the shelf ride.
  14. I'm telling you, Bizarro themed S&S double shot. Dig a small hole, add smoke effects and lots of theming. Fit in perfect in the new DC area. Though I will say, there's already 2 villains there, 2 Batman villains at that. I know they probably won't do it, but if you remove the speedway I'm pretty sure you can fit the updated Batman 4d in there
  15. Do we have a date for announcements this year? I thought it was closer to the middle of August last year (I could be wrong though. Horrible memory I have).
  16. I've been calling for this for a while. Dig out a whole like 20 ft deep or so, add some basic smoke effects for the "launch" and theme it to Bizarre.
  17. Went to the park today as I said earlier. Got there at maybe 1030ish. Goldstriker was up and running so we made it our first ride. I'd never been on it before, and man is it fun. I wish it was even just 15 seconds or so longer, but holy hell does it just speed through the whole course. There is literally not a second of slowdown, it just kicks ass all the way through. Really a fun ride. Also got my first ride on Mass Effect, and came away very impressed. I don't really love motion simulators, but this was very well done. Firewall was the only thing I saw closed today. Off to Magic Mountain for 2 days tomorrow!
  18. Just curious... can anyone tell me if GS is running one train still? Headed to the park tomorrow and want to plan ahead. Any other closures or anything you think I should be aware of? Haven't been to CGA in 4 years
  19. Checked the last few pages of posts and didn't see anything.... I'm headed to the park Friday and Saturday. Is everything running for the most part? Any closures to be aware of? Looking forward to TNR both with and without the VR, and looking forward to more TC. Thanks guys!
  20. Yeah, I'm smart enough to see the PM wasn't from TPR and so I didn't click. Wasn't sure how to make anyone aware of it though. Thanks
  21. Anyone else get this? 99.99% sure its spam.
  22. It seems like they're on track for a Memorial Day opening, which is pretty standard for Six Flags. I'm totally starting to get anxious
  23. I thought I remembered reading here a while back that the park was getting a new restaurant, a sports bar type. Can anyone confirm this? I was at the park Sunday and didn't see anything. Where is it supposedly going?
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