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  1. I’d rather look at Deadpool without his mask. Moment of silence for the imagineers that were tasked to work on this.
  2. Can’t pick a favorite so here’s my top 5: Pirates of the Caribbean Shanghai Journey to the Center of the Earth Indiana Jones Adventure Spider-Man Mystic Manor
  3. Dive Machines are usually packed into a tight space and the vertical drop+Immelmann combo is the most efficient way to limit the length of the space it takes up without creating high vertical acceleration. Also just for the width of the train, you can do those RMC style transitions either so the banking would have to be gradual. I think a Banana Roll would be great with, of course, lots of modification but other than that an Immelmann is the best choice.
  4. The thing that really bothers me is all coasters at Fuji-Q, besides Do-Dodonpa, can have high capacity if they try. Eejanaika and Fujiyama can easily run three trains with some coding modifications, and Takabisha absolutely don’t have to duel. It’s the management’s fault that this place is so bad. When we went to Fuji-Q, it was a rather busy Thursday and all big coasters had 3 hours+ wait times. But we followed the bus, FP, low capacity ride first advice and got every coaster, major flat ride, river rapids and the Thomas dark ride done before 11:30 am. That afternoon was a total rainout but we still rode Fuji Airways, Dodonpa and Fujiyama again and left before the park closed! Proper planning goes a long way and can make your experience at Fuji-Q so satisfying that you don’t have to go back so you can spend one more day in the most amazing city in the world.
  5. Or, they open the park in DC area and the crowd that go to the theme parks around that area would visit there too and that can bring more guests in. This is a much less risky move.
  6. Thank you so much for this life saving link! I’ll definitely purchase my fast pass before I visit Fuji-Q in the future!
  7. Or move it to a park like Knoebels or somewhere that seems to know how to operate a ZacSpin properly.
  8. Coaster structures usually have a super high factor of safety anyway. Even if the dents aren’t photoshopped, they will be fine as long as they didn’t create cracks on the structure or significantly affect the thickness of the column. Knott’s will have to do some NDT testing and pay more attention to those dents during maintenance but that’s about it.
  9. Is it one of those 2013 apps that adds dents to a picture of someone’s car so you can send the “Bro your car is ruined” text thing?
  10. Those Horizons Easter eggs in Mission: Space are pretty great, I like the new preshow videos much more than the original version.
  11. ^Awwwwwwww cute, you clearly haven’t been to Shanghai yet. Love everything about your TR! I really should explore Shanghai Disney’s Adventure Isle a bit more. And can’t wait to return to Tokyo Disney Resort sometime!
  12. Pins and buttons board. Bottom row is the limited edition section.
  13. Superman Krypton Coaster Kraken Rougarou Bizarro Scream Hair Raiser Not counting Dive Machines or Wildfire
  14. Based on my experience this past October, El Toro is kind of inconsistent in terms of toughness. The first few hills can’t be smoother but that turnaround has some awful jackhammering, so does the valley of the hill after the turnaround and the bottom of the rolling thunder hill. Otherwise El Toro is perfectly smooth and despite the headache I got after a few rides, it is my favorite wooden coaster. That kind of messed up design is definitely something only Intamin is willing to do.
  15. It can probably be mandatory like how in Shanghai your FP is linked to your face and ticket and they match your face with your FP before you enter the FP line.
  16. Wait they aren’t already? Magic Band is honestly the most awesome and creepy theme park technology out there now.
  17. ^^ Flight of Passage and then Na’vi. It’s also a good idea to randomly browse the WDW app to figure out the wait time tendencies. Also Disney would inflate posted wait times to drive people to other parts of the park or get people out of the park at the end of the day so what you see often aren’t what they actually are. But generally that helps.
  18. One thing about Pandora: Two weeks ago I was there Saturday Morning and stayed on perperty for the 8-9am EMH. When I arrive at the park at 7:40, the park was already opened and Flight of Passage already had a 90 mins line by the time I walked into Pandora. So I would actually arrive 1.5 hours before AK opens just to be safe, since I assume AK would open early anyway. Get the two rides at Pandora done first (Flight of Passage and then Na’vi River Journey) as early as possible and enjoy a completely empty rest of the park (Kilimanjaro Safaris was 10 mins for the half hour of park opening). I don’t think FP for 30 days is possible since I couldn’t even get FoP FP 60 days in advance because of multi-day resort guests. You can always return to Pandora later in the day for the scenery. Yak and Yeti is great and so does Satu’li Canteen. You can order food online in the WDW app and just pick up there. Journey into Imagination never gets a line anyway and it’s basically “Figment and Nothing Else People Give a F**k About - The Ride”, I would ride it when I go to Epcot just because I think it’s still a very cute ride. I would actually just do as many snacks as possible around World Showcase instead of sit down at a restaurant. Le Cellier is great though. I haven’t done Kilimanjaro Safaris at night but people always talk about how much better it is because the lions are moving around.
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